5 Steps for an Effective Crowd Management Strategy

Organizing an event is no easy task, there is a responsibility to ensure that the safety and health risks are properly managed for attendees including the staff, volunteers as well as members of the public. When walking into an empty venue, it might not seem like a challenge at all but as soon as the crowd starts forming, you will realize that it does not take much for a major or minor injury to occur. There are certain key steps you need to take in order to ensure that the event runs safely and smoothly.

Whether it is a music festival, tourist attractions, sports match or a convention, keep the below-mentioned steps in mind.


In order to run a safe and enjoyable event, crowd management is very important. You need to consider it in the early stages of planning. It is not possible to plan the entire event by yourself, hence, you might need the assistance of event contractors, local authorities, venue owner, heads of departments, emergency services, neighboring businesses, and local transport providers. The stage of planning is a very crucial and integral stage in achieving success in an event.

Understand the crowd

You need to work out the number of attendees you are expecting at the event. This might be a challenging task but it will make the rest of the stages easier for you. Base the estimate on previous turnout, attendance at similar events and advance ticket sales. You need to be aware that the venue has a maximum capacity and plan to keep the same in mind. Do not only consider the area inside the venue because there will be guests queuing outside as well. If you think that the event will exceed capacity, create a contingency plan to manage the excess numbers. You need to ensure that the venue is accessible for everyone and it has facilities of wheelchairs.

A large crowd of people

Assess the risk

This could also be a part of your legal requirement. You need to assess the risk at the event right from malfunctioning equipment to bomb threats. You need to include everything that could possibly go wrong at the event. The main risk associated with crowds is with the movement. The surging and swaying in the crowd could lead to trampling and crushing. Hence, you need to identify ways to manage large volumes of people safely.

Tony Davies from CCSecurityServices.co.uk says that at events like festivals, weddings, or concerts, crowd safety can become an issue. Having professional security services ensures your event runs smoothly and safely. Based on the layout of the venue, you need to consider the entry process, ensure the walkways are lit, use a fence to keep the emergency route clear and arrange plastic barriers to keep a distance between pedestrians and vehicles.

Communicate with the crowd

The best way to get your message across will depend on the nature of the event. An easy way to communicate with the crowd is through a fixed notice or an LED board which shows the updates. You need to place the signs so that they are easily visible from a distance. It will make it easier for the guests to read. You can also consider employing a steward to share information about the designated areas.

A teamwork concept

Create a team

Build a team of professionals to help you make the event a huge success. Have a clear line of communication between all the team members and use two-way radios for internal communication. Establish a formal language and a procedure to use during the event so that vital information can be communicated with ease. In case of an incident, you should know who is calling and where they are.

At the final step, you need to review everything and ensure that all is in place. No matter the event or the number of guests, safety is of primary importance and you should never overlook the aspect. Review how the event will unfold with your team and make changes if needed. Make sure you know who is a part of your team and what role they are playing in organizing the event with you. Access what works well and what can be improved. Always take notes and go back to the planning stage in order to ensure that you are on the right track.

When you have everything well planned and in place, the event will undoubtedly become a success and it will go very smoothly.

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