Easy Ways to Save Money – Without Going Without

When your wallet is close to starvation and you think it’s time to make a few cut backs but you don’t want to give up your favourite things in life, you can. According to www.thisismoney.co.uk, the average UK household debt stands at around £13,000. You can avoid this huge rack of debt by making a few simple changes, substituting things for cheaper and often better alternatives.

Easy ways to save money

Switch to E-Cigarettes

Smoking can be an expensive addiction.

The first step towards quitting the habit altogether is to switch to a safer alternative that will help you to ease out of your usual smoking routine.

Phoenix Electronic Cigarettes are a safer, cheaper alternative to tobacco and will save you a lot of money as they are battery powered and the cartridges can be easily refilled.

Grow Herbs

Many people choose to grow their own herbs and vegetables to not only save money but to live a healthier lifestyle.

If you don’t have a large garden or enough outdoor space to start your own vegetable patch then simply grow your favourite herbs in your kitchen. Give them plenty of water and they will sprout up in no time.

Cut Fuel Bills

Fuel bills such as electricity and gas tend to take a huge chunk out of your bank account. Control your fuel usage or switch to a cheaper supplier to reduce your gas/electricity bills.

Make a Shopping List

The average UK household throws out almost £500 of food every year, according to this article.

Save money on your weekly shopping bill by planning ahead and making a shopping list which comprises only the items you know you and your family will need. You can save more money on your shopping by opting for own-brand goods which tend to be a lot cheaper than their more expensive alternatives.


Save money on transport and fuel by cycling or walking to your destination. Bus fares are on the increase and public transport seems to be increasingly difficult to afford. Walking or cycling will give you some much needed exercise so why not ditch the car this week and walk or cycle to work.

Shop Online

Online shopping is really taking off and this is because more often than not, anything that you can buy in store can be found at a far cheaper price online. Shop around, use price comparison sites and find cheaper deals to help you to save money.

Cancel the Landline

With the advancement of technology, our landlines have been left in the dust. If you tend to use your mobile phone more than your landline then it may be a good idea to cancel your landline altogether.

Save even more money on phone charges by opting for the pay-as-you-go option which allows you to control exactly how much you wish to spend each month. This option is suitable for those who only use their mobiles for calls and texts instead of data usage.

TV License

Many people don’t realise that you do not need a TV licence to use catch-up TV channels such as C4 on Demand, ITV Player and BBC iPlayer.

According to the Telegraph, a TV licence costs £145.50 but you do not need one to watch DVDs, videos or to stream Netflix.

If you tend to use these types of channels more often then it may be worth considering sticking to your favourites and save yourself the hassle and money of a TV license.

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