Easter Eggs on sale before New Year!

We have only just had Christmas Day, the Christmas trees are still up, we haven’t even reached New Year and yet shops are putting Easter Eggs on their shelves! What is going on? We haven’t finished one set of celebrations before the retailers are seeking to cash in on the next.

It seems that at least one Tesco store in Derbyshire already has their Cadbury’s Creme Eggs on sale and a Costco store in Wigan has Easter Eggs on display. This, along with the all year round sale of the likes of Hot Cross buns really is starting to make a mockery of linking products to specific occasions.

Perhaps we’ll be hearing the sounds of Jingle Bells or Slade and their ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’ before we hit the end of April?

But retailers putting Easter stock on their shelves at this time is one thing. Are customers really ready to buy chocolate Easter eggs when no doubt they still have mountains of Quality Street, Roses and other such chocolates adorning their living rooms?

Whatever, all this chocolate certainly isn’t going to help the millions who are about to start their New Year diet, including me!

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