Earning Extra Income With Just The Tip Of Your Finger

Seeking tips to earn extra income with just the tips of your finger? Or looking for pieces of advice to make money online? You are stumbling on to the right place.

The trend, especially after the pandemic hit the world hard, allows people to not go into an office to earn money. With technological advancements and the shift of online behavior, making money online is now highly possible. Also, it can be as lucrative as working in an office. From there, the term ‘digital nomads’ will only get more popular as people start to find more opportunities to work online and remotely.

Whether you’re looking to earn some extra income or plan to be a full-time digital nomad, you need to read our list of tips and ideas you can try to make money online. We have curated tips from freelance jobs or trying luck in an online casino like Plattincasino. It’s precious information to have if you are looking to go all the way or to simply become an alternative source of income in our current situation or, who knows, beyond.

Taking Up Freelance Gigs

Freelance marketplace sites like Fiverr and Upwork offer myriads of seasonal or project-based works that can be done remotely without binding contracts. Freelancing has rapidly grown over the past decade, especially among the younger generations. In a survey back in 2018, Upwork discovered that 42 percent of young people in the US aged 18-34 were freelancing.

Some freelance works, such as proofreading, content writing, and customer service, allow you to work by phone or laptop. Unlike working in a company, freelancing grants you the freedom to choose the clients to work with. It also allows you to work with multiple clients at once as long as you manage your workload. You also have the flexibility to decide your working hours. You only need an internet connection to have the freedom to work anywhere as a digital nomad.

Selling Your Photos

If you have skills in photography, you can harness them to earn some extra income. Upload and sell your photos to stock photography websites, such as Shutterstock or Getty Images. Anytime people buy your stock photos from the website, you will get the extra income you’re looking for.

Trying Your Luck in Online Casinos

It is also possible to earn some money with just the tip of your fingers by playing in an online casino. State-of-the-art internet technologies have allowed online casinos, such as Plattincasino, to be accessible anytime and anywhere. You can try your luck to win some prize by playing on your smartphone. Choose games that work in your favor, usually some table games with higher odds, and get good in them. However, all and all, it will still come down to luck and a lot of skills to calculate the possible outcome. So, try to think of it more like an entertainment, to help to release some stress and money is just a bonus.

Internet Survey

Another way to make some extra income online easily is by filling out online surveys. By taking online surveys from sites like Qmee or Survey Junkie, you can make some small cash rewards immediately. This, however, should not be your only means to earn income online as you need to fill in a lot of surveys to cash in some cash.


Trading is one of the most lucrative ways to earn extra income. There are a few markets you can invest in from stock, foreign exchange (Forex), or, the latest phenomenon, crypto-currencies. If you are new to the world of trading, you can use trading apps that allow people to invest and trade even when you are on mobile. Those trading apps are easy to use and highly convenient; they even allow people to trade with only a small amount of money. Furthermore, some tools allow automated trading that might be useful to make effective transactions and sustain passive income. It’s all on the tip of your fingers.

Teaching Language Online

There has been a surging demand to learn foreign languages in recent years. This situation leads to the rising opportunity to teach language online. After all, who can be a better language teacher than a native speaker? If you have the needed qualification, you can sign in to some language learning sites and get yourself a student to mentor. The internet has made it easier for you as you only need internet calls or video conference apps to reach out to your students who might be residing on the other side of the world.

Final Say

There are various opportunities to earn extra income, especially in a world where you can do everything online. You do not need to leave the comfort of your house for all you like, or you can travel the world as a digital nomad while still making money for your life. Save these tips on earning extra income with just the tip of your fingers for your reference.

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