Donate with a charity credit card

A relatively new concept in the credit card market is the “Charity Credit Card.” These cards allow people to donate to charity simply by using their credit card, all at no extra cost to the consumer above their regular credit card fees. Generally the concept consists of the credit card company making a one time contribution when you apply for the card, a small amount every year that you continue to use your card and also a contribution every time you make a purchase. This unique concept gives credit card users the opportunity to donate to charity, perhaps where they other wise wouldn't at all and at no extra cost to them selves.

There are a whole host of cards to choose from including: World Wildlife Fund Credit Card (Mastercard), Childline (VISA),Breakthrough Breast Cancer Credit Card (VISA), and a National Trust Credit Card (Mastercard). So whatever your choice of charity this could be your choice to give a little back. These cards are issued by MBNA and have all the normal benefits of some regular credit cards like 0% p.a. on balance transfers for 12 months, 0% on card purchases for 3 months and average at around 15.9% APR.

There are also other cards with lower rates of interest available such as the RSPCA Card issued by Beneficial with APR of 14.9%, the Cancer Research UK Card and the NSPCC card both issued by Halifax have an APR of 12.9%.

I would hope that to some people the value of these cards may not be in the interest rates they provide for them selves but in fact how much these cards give to charity, this does vary from card to card depending on the card provider. Some cards pledge a set amount every time you make a purchase for example 35p for every £100 you spend where as other cards give a percentage of what you spend for example the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Credit Card gives 0.25% of the value of each purchase.

The 1st of October 2006 marks the start of breast cancer awareness month so now could be a better time than any to apply for the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Card, especially if you have any particular interest in donating to this worthy cause. Breast cancer is currently the most common cause of cancer in UK women with over 41,000 women and 300 men newly diagnosed with the disease every year. Breast cancer causes more than 12,400 deaths each year and the incidence of breast cancer in British women is increasing by more than one per cent per annum. Survival rates beyond five years are improving but Breakthrough Breast Cancer still require more charitable donations in order to increase awareness, improve the NHS screening service, aid earlier detection and improve treatment programs.

If you are a regular credit card user then this seems like an ideal opportunity to help a charity raise funds and help people without actually incurring any costs to your self. It can be hard when juggling your busy day to day life to find time or money to donate to charity but perhaps we should all give a little back to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves and this could be the ideal opportunity.

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