Does Your Travel Insurance Cover You For Your Family Ski Holiday?

Many Brits will set off on their family ski holiday without any travel insurance or assume their annual travel insurance covers them, but does it? We take a look.

Family ski holiday

Enjoying a snowboarding or ski holiday is now very popular with adults, children and families.

Worryingly though many of these don’t have any travel insurance and some will rely on their annual travel insurance but many don’t check that it covers them for a winter sports holiday, which it may not.

Don’t just think you must have the cover as you have bought your holiday insurance. Winter sports holiday insurance, which includes skiing and snowboarding, has to be specifically identified and purchased.

Around a third of skiers/snowboarders will make a claim at some point.

The cost of ski holiday injuries can quickly escalate Рevacuation from the slopes, an operation and an air ambulance home from Austria can easily reach £25k while costs for those holidaying in America and Canada will be even higher.

There’s also injury to others to consider as well as loss or damage to expensive equipment, reimbursement for closed pistes as well as the usual insurance cover for such as cancellation or lost baggage.

When on a family ski holiday, many take advantage of activities such as skidooing and heliskiing, activities which may well not be covered in a standard travel insurance policy.

Whilst many are cutting back on foreign holidays as they are expensive and money may be tight, cutting insurance out is a false economy.

Our top travel insurance tips for skiers and snowboarders are:

Skidooing, check your winter travel insurance

  • If you think you can rely on your annual insurance policy for you ski holiday, make sure you check that it does cover winter sports, upgrade if need be. Make sure it covers you to ski for enough days too – some will have a limited number
  • Check your policy limits¬†– for example if you have expensive skis or equipment you may need to upgrade your insurance, or you may find an upper age limit for first time skiers
  • Make sure you take care and of your ski equipment – for example if left in an unattended vehicle you may be uninsured
  • If you think your ski equipment has been stolen get a police report in order to claim. Keep receipts for original and replacement goods
  • If the pistes are closed while you are away you may be able to claim. If this is important to you make sure you have a policy that covers you for this although there will be an upper limit
  • Skidooing, heliskiing and other activities are increasingly popular but before you do any of these check that you will be covered
  • If you want to ski off-piste, be aware that some insurers will exclude this, or require that you are accompanied by a qualified guide
  • Make sure you understand your excess levels and can afford them – they vary from insurer to insurer and some may reach several hundred pounds
  • If you have arranged your own holiday rather than booking through a tour operator, check you have comprehensive enough cover for things such as delayed departure, or additional accommodation if you are unable to get home when planned.

Taking steps in advance of your holiday to carefully consider and buy ski insurance cover that meets your needs really is vital.

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