Wet Wet Wet – Does Your Insurance Still Cover You For Burst Pipes?

With the winter weather hitting most of the country, make sure you take action to ensure your insurance protects you for burst pipe claims, both in your own home and in your holiday home if you have one. Many insurers have changed their policy terms and you really do need to check yours meets your needs.leaking roof or burst pipeWet Wet Wet will for many mean the great 80’s group with lead singer Marti Pellow and hit songs such as ‘With a Little Help From My Friends’ and ‘Love Is All Around’.However, Wet Wet Wet can also very much be the experience of holiday home owners when they visit their properties during and after a winter spell.It’s not just holiday homes that can be affected either as with more people going away during the cold winter period than ever before it can be your main home that’s affected as well.Insurers have confirmed that recent winters have been bad for burst pipe claims, even though policyholders are asked to leave the heating on during the winter months, not usually a requirement on your main home insurance.  It’s not just a case of keeping heating on to a minimum temperature but also pipes need to be lagged and the roof and windows in a good state of repair.The average burst pipe claim for unoccupied properties was recently estimated at £15,000 although our partner insurance broker, Baxters, know of many more that far exceeded this figure.In reality though its not all about the money it’s the mess, the upset, the loss of treasured possessions and the upheaval that causes all the stress and emotional trauma. Lets face it its not a fun event, you do not want this to happen to you.With temperatures predicted to reach lows again this winter insurers are already expecting a higher incidence of claims than last year.In fact over the last several months some insurers have changed the terms of the home insurance policies they issue. Watch out for higher water damage excesses, possibly cover may have been removed for burst pipes or restricted the amount of cover available, or the period over which the property requires inspection may have been reduced changed to a must that that the water system be drained.Just make sure you read and understand the terms of your policy don’t get caught out because you haven’t checked your insurance policy requirements for when the property is left unattended.Better still ask your insurance broker to check for you – take heed it might not just happen to someone else, it really could happen to you.

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