Do You Want A Better Life?

If you were asked ‘Do you want a better life?’, what would your answer be? For many it would be a resounding yes. Is it possible to achieve though?

First off, when I answered this question, I jumped to a clear ‘yes’. But then I thought, do I mean that? The answer is a I partly mean it. There are many aspects of my life that I absolutely love and would not wish to change.

There are though of course some areas that I’d like to change. If I’m honest though a number of these I leave on the ‘too difficult’ pile (like I’d like 36 hours in a day!) and some I simply put off and think ‘I’ll do them tomorrow’.

Ring any bells?

What would you want to achieve for a better life though? A healthy lifestyle maybe, to lose weight or reduce stress? Perhaps you’d like to achieve more? Improve that elusive work-life balance?

A suggestion from some is that a lifestyle coach can help with this desire for a better life. This is someone who helps you identify and achieve your personal goals.

One such leading lifestyle coach is Pete Cohen. A key message he gives is that you need to take control and accept that you need to do things differently. Easy I’m sure!

Actually Pete has a great video which takes you through four simple phases to help you take control, set goals, make a plan and make it happen – helping you enjoy an Inspiring Future courtesy of Zurich.

I’ve watched it and it’s certainly given me some food for thought – and ideas of action I need to take. Maybe you should watch it too, it really could help.

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