Do You Think That You Could Cut Your Energy Bills by a Third?

It seems incredible that you could cut your energy costs by a third. Yet, many individuals are doing just that. Just 10 years ago, the average household bill for gas and electricity was £660. It’s now double that. If you want to save any money at all, let alone a third off your bill, you need to take action now – possibly drastic action.

Switch Providers

Switching providers might be the easiest way to save money. If you have the option to do so, check out various rates offered by other service providers.

If you can switch, and it will save you money, do so. It usually takes several weeks for the switch to take effect.

In the meantime, you can start prepping the house for other changes like switching out the lights to energy-saving CFLs or LEDs and changing the temperature on the refrigerator so that it’s at the minimal setting necessary to keep food chilled.

Switch Tariffs

Economy 7 in the UK are supported by energy companies like npower to drastically lower your energy costs by providing differential tariffs.

Basically, the energy company will install a special electricity meter that provides two different readings. First, there’s the electricity used during the day. Then, there’s the power consumed at night. The day price is the normal (high) price per kWh while the night charge is lower.

Duel Fuel Deals

Duel fuel companies are energy companies that offer both electric and gas. By combining the two utilities, you save money. Why? Because it’s like any other combination deal. The company bundles your services and, in return, they offer you a discount for the additional business you give them.

Use Smartphone Apps

There are some pretty slick smartphone apps out there right now that will help you control your heating and cooling costs. The way they work is they tie into your thermostat and use the GPS technology inside your mobile device to adjust the temperature in your home.

Why is this useful? Let’s say you’re away on holiday, or just at work. The app turns down your heat in the winter or air con in the summer, and then waits for your arrival. It tracks your movement so that, when you get home, the house is at a comfortable temperature.

Cut your energy bills

The advantage of these apps is in the spontaneity factor. If you go out to the pub for a drink with some of your mates after work, you don’t want an automated system turning on the heat before you get home. Likewise, you don’t want to come home early to a cold house (or a blast furnace).

Use Smart Zones In Your Home

A combination of smart heating and cooling zones, combined with standard home insulation can save you hundreds a year. Heating and cooling zones assign multiple thermostats throughout your home.

Each thermostat controls a “zone” in your home. For example, you may have a zone for your bedroom, one for your living room, dining area, and kitchen, and one for all of the bathrooms.

These zones can keep the temperature steady in each zone so that you don’t pay for heating or coolants that you’re not using. For example, if you get up in the morning and spend an hour or two in your kitchen, the heating system can make sure the heat is on where you are while turning it off in your bedroom.


Nathan Lane researches common domestic energy concerns. As an electric engineer, he enjoys writing about smart appliance solutions and setting up renewable energy sources for more efficient usage in modern homes.

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