The Differences Between VanHack and Toptal

At first glance, VanHack and Toptal seem to be two almost identical services. Certainly, both platforms offer similar online tools for connecting organizations with a global employee base. However, scratch just a little below the surface and you will find some fundamental differences between VanHack and Toptal.

Both VanHack and Toptal are examples of how the internet has spurred a dramatic transformation in an industry. We have seen similar happen in music, TV, and even online iGaming. These days, people can watch Netflix, listen to Spotify, and check out online casinos. This is all possible through the digital revolution that VanHack and Toptal are also a part of.

In this post, we’ll discuss those differences and why VanHack remains the best digital hiring platform for businesses.

What Is VanHack?

Founded in 2014, VanHack has become a crucial tool that helps companies hire talent from around the world. It’s a mission that has been widely embraced by the business community. VanHack now provides direct access to over 200,000 highly qualified tech professionals from over 100 countries.

Rapid growth means VanHack is now the largest community of its kind.

What Is Toptal?

In many ways Toptal is a direct competitor to VanHack because it offers broadly the same service. It also provides a community of talent that can be used by hiring organizations. Toptal has grown in recent years and now claims it is the world’s largest totally remote company.

So, What Are the Differences Between VanHack and Toptal?

When comparing VanHack and Toptal, the focus should not be on what the two companies do, but rather how they do it.

Reflecting its claim of being the biggest all-remote company, Toptal only connects companies with remote workers. Organizations can tap into the Toptal talent community and find employees who will fill roles from a remote location. In this regard, Toptal is akin to more general recruiting tools such as Upwork. Still, it is worth noting Toptal is more oriented towards connecting companies with full-time employees rather than freelancing.

While Toptal is entirely focused on remote working, VanHack wants to help businesses foster an on-location team without missing out on talent. Interestingly, VanHack also allows companies to hire remotely if they want to. Here’s the simplest way to understand the differences between VanHack and Toptal:

  • Toptal only connects businesses with remote workers.
  • VanHack connects businesses with potential employees who can relocate, but also offers fully remote job roles.

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VanHack Provides Flexibility

VanHack understands businesses value flexibility when they are hiring. Still, organizations are often constrained during the hiring process by what’s available in their local marketplace. Yes, going remote is an option and often powerful, but sometimes it’s important to have full-time employees fully integrated with your existing teams.

When an organization accesses VanHack, it can choose to go all-remote, fully on-premises, or mix the two ideals. Unlike other services in its field, VanHack goes far beyond simply connecting businesses with potential employees and leaving them to their own devices. Instead, the company works with jobseekers and organizations to ensure this connection works.

Hiring from overseas is a powerful asset for a company because it gives them access to a global pool of professionals. Similarly, workers in other countries are often held back by restrictions on their local market and are unable to efficiently use their skills. VanHack is the bridge that helps professionals ensure their skills are rewarded, and for companies to hire the best possible talent.

That said, it is not always easy to incorporate talent from another country into your existing organization. There’s a lot to consider, such as relocation costs, visas, finding accommodation, and so on. That’s a lot of heavy lifting.
VanHack was created to ensure this process goes as smoothly as possible. The company does all the demanding work so organizations and professionals don’t have to.

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