Do You Hoard Piggy Banks Or Coin Jars? Cash This In With Coinstar

We’re always told about how much we hoard clothes and random items, especially unworn clothing that we haven’t got round to wearing because despite having an extensive wardrobe we tend to rotate the same items.

Assorted British coins

With warmer weather on the horizon, decluttering your home may be on your list – but stats show it’s not just clothes we hoard. Coinstar®, a leader in self-service coin counting, has revealed that on top of clothes and furniture that we also hoard unused coins. Whether its loose change in jars or piggy banks, we keep these things in our homes not knowing how much value there is in them.

Statistics from Coinstar have revealed that 63% of people that use their kiosks still save in jars or piggy banks at home. Interestingly, Coinstar’s stats show a remarkable difference between millennials and Generation X.

Millennials tend to try and spend loose change quickly (almost half – 45%) compared to only 18% of Generation X who spend the change immediately.

Coinstar is encouraging the nation to declutter and trade in their loose change for something they really want, perhaps a treat or you can even donate it to charity. Plus, when you cash in coins you’re in with a chance of doubling your money with the Big Cash Clean Up promotion.

A piggy bank for saving money

The promotion runs until 27th May, and is just in time as Coinstar’s statistics show the average cashing in transaction value is around £38. Now might be a good time to dust off those jars of coins and be in with a chance of doubling it. The odds are in your favour too, there is a one in ten chance of doubling your money!

You may have seen Coinstar machines in your local supermarkets (there are over 1,900 locations!) and it really couldn’t be any easier to make the most of your money. All you have to do is pour your change into a Coinstar machine and it cashes it up for you. Really quickly and so simple!

Nick Harris from Coinstar says: “We all have jars of loose change at home, yet we don’t realise how much they’re actually worth. We’re encouraging customers to cash in and be in with a chance of doubling their money – ensuring those idle coins they’re holding on to can go towards a treat or donated to charity.“

Coinstar helps turn your change into extra money that can be put towards something you really want. So if you have a piggy bank laying around, it’s time to trade in your loose change and who knows you may even win double your money!

Visit Coinstar UK to find your closest kiosk, visit the kiosk with your coins and once you’ve cashed up the machine will issue a voucher. From there visit Coinstar’s Big Cash Cleanup site here and enter the code on your voucher to see if you’ve doubled your money.

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