Debt collectors adopting dirty tricks

If you have debt problems you can expect to be hassled by companies chasing up their payments.  What is unacceptable, however, is the way some debt collection agencies chase those who are debt free.

Debt is big money for some companies, unfortunately, and some debt collection companies know that they can earn large sums by chasing people for payments, even if they have no debts.

An example of this happened to my family a few weeks ago.

Out of the blue, my wife received a final demand letter from a debt company.  The letter said that she owed money and gave a vague reference number.  There was no other explanation about the debt at all.  You had to phone the company to find out what the debt was for.

Not only was the letter unhelpful, but it also threatened imminent action from bailiffs!

Highly concerned, my wife phoned the debt company to find out what the problem was.

It turned out that the debt had nothing to do with her, but was for someone who now lives in a house that we moved from seven years ago.

I noted, however, that she had been co-erced into phoning a high charge 0870 telephone number.  The debt collection company knew it could make money just by chasing anyone it could, even if they were completely blameless.

What concerns me is how they had tracked my wife down to our latest address.  When tackled about this, the person in the debt collection agency put the phone down and ended the call.

So companies are preying on those with debts, and even those who haven’t got debt problems, are in their sights.

Avoid these debt collection companies if you can. has partnered with a debt management company who can help people before debt becomes too big a problem.  You can click this link to apply for debt management help.


  1. i have had a letter put through my door from a company called dms ltd telling me that the lender of a mortgage on this property requires an occupancy check even though i know that my landlady is mortgage free can this be allowed to happen from what i now know is a debt collection agency

  2. Hi, I saw this article and felt compelled to comment. Whilst i appreciate that mistakes can be made, with effect from August 1st, 2009 the debt collection agency will actually be charged for taking this call onto their 0870 Number, so I wouldn;t be totally convinced as to their intent on this one. If, however, they are using 0844 Numbers or 0845 Numbers, then this may change the complexion of the argument, but well done in avoidance of the debt !!

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