Days Out Shopping Don’t Have To Break The Bank

Despite these tough times there is sometimes nothing more therapeutic than a day out shopping. Whether it is just getting a few essentials or letting loose to treat yourself a little a bit of retail therapy can be just what the doctor ordered to help you to forget the troubles of the week.

Save money on days out shopping

But I haven’t got enough money I hear you say!

Well this shouldn’t be a problem because with a few simple steps you can have a great day out shopping that doesn’t have to break the bank.

Set a Budget

One great way to enjoy your shopping trip is to set aside a set amount of money that can be used to treat yourself.

Sticking to a budget will ensure that you can afford your day out without feeling guilty the next day for getting carried away. It will also force you to consider your purchases more – instead of getting two tops you have to go for the one that you really like and can wear again and again.

Keep impulse buys to a minimum to ensure your day out doesn’t come back to haunt you when the bills are due.

Public Transport

On your day out it isn’t just the purchases you make that you have to consider it’s the whole day out. One way of saving money is by using public transport. This will allow you to save money on petrol, as well as parking, which has risen a lot in recent years, and will avoid queuing for spaces.

Think about your day ahead and plan what you are going to do. If you will be there for lunch consider taking some food with you and if it’s a nice day you can eat outside. Saving money on the day’s expenses will mean more money for your shopping!

Stick to the cheap shops

If you need to save money and you know that you are hard to control then don’t head straight for your favourite designer shop as you could end up spending cash you don’t have.

Plan your day and make a point of going to the cheaper shops or outlets that sell designer goods at discount prices. Just because something is in last years colours it doesn’t mean that it’s tacky!

Use Vouchers

Voucher shopping is a great way to save money whilst getting the things you like.

Discount voucher sites like Groupon have great deals to help you to save money, such as £30 to spend at the Body Shop for just £12 in London and £40 of Calvin Klein underwear for just £19. Voucher beauty products are also a great way to save money, including deals like a £153 haircut at Cascal’s in Edinburgh for just £30, so you can treat yourself on your day out too.

Compare Prices

If you know what you’re after then make sure you check the prices on the internet first.

Take your smartphone with you and take advantage of the QR readers that will scan barcodes and tell you alternative prices so that you can be sure that you are always getting the best deal.

MoneyHighStreet Staff
MoneyHighStreet Staff

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