What are the Top Cybersecurity Trends and Predictions for 2021?

Since 2019, after the onset of the global Coronavirus pandemic, everything is changing pretty fast and life is continuing to evolve. Many industries and technologies have also experienced a new shift. The same stands true for cybersecurity. Today, people using the online space face new and even more challenging issues. Therefore, new trends related to the field of cybersecurity are on the rise.

Just like people require complete solutions for their internet needs like Optimum internet plans or Netflix for their movie needs; similarly, they require well-rounded cybersecurity services for a safe presence on the web. To know more about what’s trending for cybersecurity and what are the upcoming predictions, go through the passages below.

Trend #1: An Increase in The Number of Attacks

Due to the pandemic, the workforce in many countries had to work from home. Companies allowed their resources to work on their private systems. Due to the absence of committed IT support during this time, many security breaches took place. Hackers were easily able to realize the opportunity to bypass susceptible home-based networks and connections and get access to critical data. Companies were not able to take corrective measures on time due to the sudden lockdown. An increased number of cyberattacks have, therefore, had a very negative impact on the business community as a whole. Companies must, now, focus on improving the security of their employees even when they are working remotely. Not only will this keep the employees safe, but also protect critical company assets.

Trend #2: Smart Devices Will Be More Automated

An increase in the artificial intelligence of smart devices will mean an increase in their automation capabilities as well. Smart cities, manufacturing, and devices will, therefore, become more automated. They will further make the tasks of human supervisors easier. Power failure and issues on the cloud can negatively impact smart devices that do not have automation capabilities. Therefore, automation is the way forward. Many companies are investing in this direction so that their systems can operate on their own and get tasks done more efficiently. Such devices will operate quickly and effectively on the web as well.

Trend #3: Internet Will Become More Connected

Wi-Fi 6 is here and so is 5G. This means that the internet will be faster than ever before. This, in turn, will allow organizations to easily place APIs for web applications on the cloud. As a result, services will become more interconnected. However, if anything happens to a component, chances are that the entire system may stop operating. Amazon Web Services are already providing interconnected services for more business benefits.

Trend #4: More Centralization Leading to Poorer Security

Certain companies who have not effectively decentralized their data assets or created proper backups are all set for major losses. The reason is that a single cyber-attack can destroy centralized databases. Decentralized information, such as on a blockchain, is easier to maintain and check for any discrepancies. Companies that have not been able to get rid of traditional practices may be at high risk of compromising critical company data assets. They need to upgrade to modern technologies to keep their critical company data safe and secure on the web.

Trend #5: Increased Influence of Non-state Actors

The fact that most IT teams are also working remotely means that the security of organizations as a whole is also at high risk. This is allowing non-state actors to easily interfere with the network of such companies and tamper with their data. Companies need to establish strong security protocols and boost their existing security architecture to prevent this.

Trend #6: Better Internet Speeds

ISPs will focus on providing higher bandwidth speeds to users so that they can communicate quickly. This will allow their networks to waste less time on the “grey noise” on the internet. Furthermore, their systems will quickly determine if an internet exchange is good or bad and notify the customer. As a result, the security of the user will be much better. With the availability of 5G at large, communications will become much faster. This will be quite helpful for many industries that are experiencing major growth. Gaming and streaming services online will benefit the most.

These are some of the trends and predictions for cybersecurity in 2021. While the threats to most systems will increase, new technologies will put up a strong fight. However, the fact remains that the overall security of most companies is not at par. They will need to adopt standard cybersecurity practices to keep the data of their company and resources secure.

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