Cutting the costs of Christmas

We’ve been sent an excellent video in which Jasmine Birtles offers some great tips about how to cut the cost of Christmas.

You can watch the video below, but here is a taster of some of the things she has to say.

The point that struck me most was how much we all spend at Christmas – £665 on average per family. It is estimated that we spend £410 on presents, £170 on food and £85 on travel.

Jasmine goes through each of these items showing you how to save money on each one.

One of her tips is to save £4 per week throughout the year so that you have around £200 by Christmas, which covers your food costs.

It’s obviously too late to start that this year, but maybe that should be a new years resolution for 2010 and one that you actually keep!

One tip that she didn’t mention is to save your supermarket reward points during the year and then use them to ease the cost of your Christmas food bill.

If you collect reward points when you pay for your petrol at the supermarket throughout the year, then these can add up to a nice saving when it comes to those Christmas food bills.

I recommend that you watch the video as it has some excellent money saving tips.

By the way, Jasmine Birtles has also written a very good book called The Money Magpie: I can help you ditch your debts, make money and save £1000s, which is being sold at for £7.19 – a £1.80 saving from RRP.

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