Credit card fraud protection in action

Our news today that credit card fraud has fallen by almost 25% this year is good news for consumers.  I experienced some of the measures to prevent this crime in action yesterday and I was impressed.

I ordered a service with a large American company via the Internet yesterday and paid for it with my American Express credit card.

At $299 it was quite a large transaction, however everything went well with my online order and I thought nothing of it.

Then my mobile phone rang.  I missed the call, but my landline phone started ringing straight away.

It was the fraud protection department at MBNA, who administer my Amex card.  “Was I aware that my credit card had been used online with an American Company?”, they asked.

After answering their security questions and confirming that I had made the transaction, they were convinced that no fraud had occurred.

I was impressed and pleased with that vigilence.  I was contacted by the fraud prevention team literally only three minutes after placing the order online.

Thank you MBNA and American Express for looking after my credit card like that.

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