Credit card cheques – now Natwest are sending them too

I don’t like credit card cheques.  It’s as simple as that, as you would know if you have seen what I have written about them before.

MBNA have been sending them to me for months, years in fact, and they keep going straight into the shredder.  At times I have felt like giving up my MBNA credit card because of that unwanted wad of cheques I receive with my statement every month.

But all the air miles that I have with MBNA keep me a customer, albeit a reluctant one at times.  I know, I should phone MBNA and ask them to stop sending me those devilish cheques, but then what would I have to complain about?

So I put up with the monthly chore of shredding the cheques, as I would never dream of using them.

But what was delivered along with a Natwest credit card statement this month?  You’ve guessed it – a wodge of credit card cheques!

I’m distraught by this (well a bit, anyway) as I’ve always thought that Natwest was above some of the ploys adopted by other credit card companies.  Enticing customers to use the credit card cheques and therefore suffer very high interest charges on their purchases, or (worse) cash advances.

Natwest don’t do such things – do they?  They do now.

The government is putting the practices of credit companies under scrutiny at the moment.  Let’s hope that credit card cheques are finally banished, even Natwest ones.

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