Credit Card Chargeback Mayhem

If you have been following my painful experience with Camerabox, who have ceased trading, you will be aware that I have been trying to receive the refund they promised to me, which has still not arrived.

I phoned my credit card company to see if they had received the refund and, no surprise, was told that they hadn’t got the money back from Camerabox yet.

As it was still within the 4 to 14 days refund window that Camerabox had mentioned, I should phone back in a few days, I was told.

So I asked to speak to the chargeback team to initiate this procedure in case the refund never appears.

“Sorry, they are too busy at the moment, but if you leave a message, they will get back to you in the next two weeks!!!

I was staggered. It would take two weeks for the team to work their way through the phone messages and to attend to mine.

Apparently there are so many chargeback requests from all the problems that consumers are having with dodgy websites that chargeback teams are completely swamped.

This is very concerning. It really re-inforces how important it is to only deal with reputable online companies and put transaction safety above price when you are making an online purchase.

In future, I am going to be much more careful about buying online and I hope you will be too.

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  1. I recently had big problems getting a refund on my credit card. As you say the backlog was massive. in the end i had to cancel the card and report it as lost. that got me my money back but upset a few genuine companies that i had to resubmit the new card details. Still buying on line though, it hasn’t taught me any new lessons except maybe be a little more picky.


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