A Complete Guide to Planning a Long Distance Move

It can be exciting to move to a new city. The thrill of a new destination and the idea of starting fresh can have anyone feeling all kinds of emotions. One of these emotions may be akin to stress. With such a far move, there are a lot of things to think about to ensure a successful relocation.

What can you do to ensure your long-distance move goes off without a hitch? Here’s our complete guide to help you out.

Start planning right away

It’s very important to create a plan well in advance of your move-in date. There are so many reasons why this can be helpful. First of all, it’ll allow you to alleviate the stress that could accompany a rushed move. Rushing through your move could mean losing or breaking items, which is the last thing you want.

It also allows you to lay out everything you have to do to ensure a successful move, and provides you with plenty of time to look for Orlando moving services and pack carefully and efficiently.

Stick to a schedule and create a timeline

Planning can help you prepare a timeline that allows you to get everything done on time before the move-in date. You’ll need to place booking movers as a priority on your timeline, as the best moving companies book quickly.

You’ll also want to schedule packing sessions that take place before the last week of your move. Preparing a timeline and checklist helps ensure you’re ready for your new home and allows you to tie up any loose ends you may have, from setting up the utilities to cancelling subscriptions like gym memberships.

Calculate your budget

There are a lot of expenses involved with moving to another city, especially one that may be very far away. Before you get started moving, create a budget so that you know where you could be saving money.

For example, you could eliminate the packing expenses associated with hiring movers and do it yourself, or you could see if you can stay with friends on your trip out to see your new home instead of paying for hotels. Include everything from the moving company to the packing materials you’ll need.

Think about downsizing

The more belongings you have, the more challenging it could be to stay within your budget, especially if you end up needing a few moving trucks for your stuff to be moved to a new city. A long-distance move, whether for a business relocation or otherwise, is a great time to downsize and get rid of belongings you no longer need.

Whether you have a yard sale in your neighborhood to make some money or donate items to a local charity, it can be liberating to downsize your material possessions. Plus, with the money you save on the moving trucks or make from selling your old stuff, you could always invest in new items.

Pack smartly

A key component of a successful move is all your belongings showing up at the new home in perfect condition. Another component is being able to unpack easily and effectively in your new location. The secret to this is in how you pack.

From labeling the boxes correctly to making sure you use bubble wrap for fragile belongings, take your time to pack your home carefully so that you get to your new destination with everything intact.

In Conclusion

While there are plenty of reasons for your long-distance move to be daunting for you, when you plan ahead, hire the right company, and prepare everything according to a schedule, you can be sure that the experience will run a lot more smoothly than it would otherwise. Use this guide to help you prepare for your long-distance move. Good luck!

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