Complaining about faulty Christmas presents

Christmas is only two days away and I hope that most of the presents have been bought by now, but what happens if you have to return a faulty gift once the big day is over?

This isn’t about how to complain to the person who gave you a faulty present – I’m sure that they didn’t mean to, but it’s about how to take it back to the store to get a refund or replacement.

The Office of Fair Trading has issued a helpful video presented by Lynn Faulds Wood, who used to present BBC TV’s Watchdog programme, that explains how to complain successfully if you have received faulty goods or services.

Of course, it doesn’t just apply to Christmas presents.  The helpful tips are useful at any time.  Here are a few tips mentioned in the video:

  • Be calm and firm when complaining
  • Take photos of any damage
  • Try to contact the most senior person in the organisation who can make a decision about how to proceed with your complaint to your satisfaction.

I recommend that you view this video as it really does provide to excellent information about how to complain.  After all, apparently according to OFT statistics, nearly a third of us made an official complaint in the last twelve months.

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