Commercial Insurance – Making an Informed Choice

Before making an informed decision as to what and what not to include within your commercial insurance policy there are fundamental factors or key indicators which you should take into consideration.

Insurers use the study of historical data and statistics based on geographical area as well as who and what is being insured, which is referred to as an actuarial science, to determine the level of associated risk of a business. Insurers use this information to make predictions as to the likelihood of a claim being made.

Insurance underwriters evaluate the information and the history of the commercial business to determine the associated risks using actuarial science. This includes the age and type of business, along with the owner’s credit rating and prior insurance history. Basically the higher the risk level, the higher the premiums costs will be, providing the insurer with a ratio which enables them to remain solvent should a claim be made.

Although all insurance is determined using these principles, business insurance is more complex as it typically deals with larger properties. Basically the greater the risk the higher the premiums will be.

Any business owner can benefit from commercial insurance as it can cover all risks associated with the type and manner of the business, from the company’s assets to health insurance for employees. Commercial ‘multiple perils’ insurance policies provide cover for buildings, assets, crime as well as general liability cover which can also be tailored to meet business needs.

Commercial insurance can be purchased as any number of insurances or by packages which can be tailored to suit businesses’ needs. Whilst packages can work out to be more cost effective they do not necessarily include all of the insurance needs of a business, therefore careful consideration needs to be given before making an informed choice as to which type of commercial insurance is purchased.

Any business should speak to insurers who specialise in providing commercial insurance to gather as many facts as possible before making an informed choice as to which type of policy they require, remembering that the cheapest does not necessarily mean the best nor does the most expensive mean you will be automatically covered for all eventualities.

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