Best Business Idea for Christmas: Sell Wine Online Legally

COVID has brought a major revolution in the way people buy/sell the products and services. Gone are the days when people used to wait in a queue to get their favourite wine from the shop. Now, people want everything at their doorsteps with just a few clicks.

In order to stay in the competition and let business survive, digitization has become a key thing for every business. Same is the case with the wine selling business too. Many firms have already come up with their own online wine selling platform to keep growing the business.

So, the Christmas season is back! But this year things won’t be the same just like the previous years. The fact is Christmas is the most lucrative time to start an online wine sell business.

You might be running out with so many questions after reading the above-given statement, right? No worries! Keep reading the article to get an answer to every question you’re having.

Let’s begin with a few stats which show the emergence of the online wine business.

Growth of Wine eCommerce After COVID

We can find many trends emerging in the market specifically after the COVID 19 pandemic. One such trend emerging in the market is wine eCommerce. The demand for wine and wine consumption has increased in almost every part of the world. Though the biggest impact is seen on the way people are purchasing the wine. A terrible increase is found in the online purchase of wine.

Due to the lockdowns imposed in many parts of the world amid COVID, people got more inclined to buying wine online. According to research, the online wine sell business observed a 276% growth in the past year, after indulging in this COVID 19 situation.

Decorating a Christmas tree, one of the biggest online wine sellers said that they are able to make approximately $100 million in a single quarter.

We guess, now you’re clear with how effective online wine sell business is after COVID. Though, the very next question running in your mind will be why Christmas is the best time to start an online wine selling business.

Being an Entrepreneur, Why Should You Start Such a Business on Christmas?

Christmas always brings joy and fun in everyone’s life. There is a lot to prepare before Christmas arrives. Unfortunately, things will not be the same case this year!

The onset of COVID pandemic has forced people to change the way they celebrate the festivals. This year, it is quite risky to go out and shop from the traditional stores. There is a high chance to get infected with the coronavirus. Therefore as a safety measure, people are opting for the online platforms to buy the goods and service.

Wine is a mandatory thing for the Christmas celebrations, and naturally, it’s demand increases during the festive season. Thus, we can say that Christmas is the most ideal time to start selling wine online.

Your sell wine online platform will get a 100% boost if you’re launching it during the Christmas time. That’s lucrative, right?

How to Build an Online Wine Sell Business?

These days it is quite easy to build an online platform. All you need to do is hire a software development company who have expertise in building such wine selling platforms. Besides that, a few steps that you need to follow are mentioned below,

Build a Business Model

It is crucial that you develop a long term and relevant wine selling business model. Because, once you’re clear with the business model, the further process will become quite easy. You can even follow the same business model that is used by some of the successful online wine sellers like, Drizly, and more.

Decide the Platforms

Based on your targeted audience, choose whether you want to go for the Android or iOS platform. The best option you can choose here is opting for hybrid app development. This will help you to reach your targeted consumers easily.

Market Research & Analysis

You must know everything about the market you’re going to enter. Check out what’s trending in the market, and how you can take advantage of the same in your business. See the problems people are facing, and try to provide the solution for it. This will help you to draw the attention of the consumers.

Conducting research using a laptop

Payment Integration

Try to include at least 2-3 options for the payment in your wine selling platform. This will help you avoid any issue while a user is making a payment.

UX/UI Designs

The UI design of your online wine selling platform plays a major role in its success. Users will return to your platform for the second time only when they have found your platform easy to navigate. Thus, never compromise with the UX/UI design of your app.

Features of The Wine App

Here are a few important features that you must include in your wine selling platform.

Consumer App

  • Simple Registration
  • Large Inventory of Liquors
  • Save Favorites
  • Track Order
  • Shop from Multiple Shops
  • Price Comparison
  • Rate & Review
  • Various Filters
  • Add to Cart
  • Schedule Order
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Shipping
  • Search Option

Delivery App

  • Easy Sign up with Pin
  • Order Details
  • Route Tracking
  • Update Order status
  • Scan ID
  • See real-time orders

Admin Panel

  • Solve Consumer Issues
  • Delivery Boy management
  • Consumer Management
  • See Reviews & Ratings
  • Block Customers
  • Delivery Boy management
  • Check Daily Income
  • Engaging Dashboard
  • Wine Store Management

So, that’s all on developing an online wine selling platform. The only thing you need to be careful here is about choosing the right software development company. As the success of your business will highly depend on your online platform. Therefore, develop a platform which provides a fantastic user experience.

Graphic showing  the costs of developing a wine app

How Much Does it Cost to Build Online Wine Business?

Basically, the cost of your app development depends on business requirements. Yet, some of the major factors which will let you have an average cost of your wine selling app are,

  • Number of platforms you choose (Android, iOS or Hybrid development)
  • Software development company you hire
  • The complexity of the features
  • Region of the software development company
  • Payment Integrations you Include
  • UX/UI design of the app
  • Website cost(if you include)
  • Qualitative Analyst
  • Testing & more.

To give you an average costing of your wine selling app – it may cost around $70,000 to $150,000. Though, remember it is just an average cost, the pricing will differ depending on your needs.

Why is License Important to Sell Wine Online?

It is mandatory to get the license for selling wine online. And, the main reason for it is that wine and other alcoholic products are made available to only adults of the member community to avoid harm to any human being.

A Lawyer stamping a legal document

Another reason is alcohol is never sold in minors or with any unsafe way to ensure the safety of every citizen. That’s why almost every country’s government has formed some laws for selling wine or any other alcohol.

The law of buying a license for selling wine remains the same for the traditional as well as online retailers. For instance, online wine retailers are asked by the government to notify the customers about legal forms of selling wine like they will not sell wine to customers under 18 age.

To put it short, some strict laws are implemented by the government to ensure the safety of citizens and avoid any issues.

The Most Common Question Asked: Can I Sell Wine Internationally?

Yes, expanding your online wine selling business globally is a peak. Though, you need to follow some vigorous procedures to take permission to sell wine internationally. Here are a few major points to consider if you’re looking forward to selling wine internationally.

Check the Product Shipping Details

There might be some package restrictions when it comes to shipping overseas. Therefore, check the weight and size of a product to ship internationally. Just like every state of the US has its own restriction so is the case with every country. Hence, never miss checking these details for your wine business.

Product Packaging

In international shipping, your products will go through so many shipping centres and have to travel a long distance. Therefore, assure that your products are safely reached to its destination without getting in any trouble. Have a strong and attractive packaging for your wine delivery.

Know About the Customs’ Documentation

With international shipping, so many documents and certifications you need to complete for launching your business globally. Below given are some certificates that you might need for your business.

  • Free Sale
  • Authenticity
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Sanitary Statement
  • Sanitation Certificate
  • Health Certificate
  • Origin/Age Certificate
  • Free Sale Certificate

Take a note, every time it will be the responsibility of sellers to check out that the needed certificates are available.

Get Set Go With Your Online Wine Selling Platform on This Christmas

Selling wine online is a lucrative business idea especially with the present scenario and the Christmas season. Therefore, without waiting for a minute, start building your wine online business, and hit the market.

We hope this article is helpful to you. Wishing you all fortunes for your online business.

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