The Changing Trends in Online Gaming

Online gaming and gambling is one of the fastest changing marketplaces. The fiercely competitive market is driving technical and gaming innovation to new heights, making this form of gambling ever more attractive and exciting, as long as players exercise caution and play responsibility.

We are going to look at some changing trends in online gaming, in this article.

The boom in online slots

Slot machines in pubs and other social places have always attracted strong interest, and most online gaming companies are now tapping into this large market by offering a very wide range of virtual games via their UK slots sites.

It isn’t just the traditional multi-line slot games which can be played online. New innovations such as cumulative jackpots and themed spin games are helping to rapidly grow this booming market so rapidly that some online casinos now allocate 80% of their “gaming floor” to slots.

Bingo innovations

Even though Bingo is one of the oldest forms of online gambling, it is still very popular with thousands of players enjoying this game of chance every day.

Free bingo games that yield significant cash prizes have been around for some time, however new innovations such as games costing just one pence to play are now available. Increasing the number of bingo balls to 75 and more, allows bigger prices to be one, at the cost of reduced odds, of course.

A bingo winner concept

Bingo has always been a social game and gaming companies have been quick to replicate these important social aspects by offering online communities, moderated by chat hosts to keep the conversations friendly and welcoming.

Online Poker becoming more sophisticated

As the argument about whether Poker is a game of skill or chance rages on, online Poker game play has been increasing in sophistication. World poker championships and open tournaments, all played online are now commonplace.

Large cash prizes can be won with skilled players offering to teach newcomers how to play more effectively via web-based tuition. As with bingo, a sense of player community is fostered to mimic the sociability of a bricks and mortar casino.

The demise of binary options in Europe

Not all recent changes in the online gaming industry have improved gameplay and the enjoyment experienced by players.

The trading of binary options, which has been shown to be based far more on chance than skill, has now been banned to retail players in Europe.

Using a trading app on a mobile phone

European regulators had initially imposed a temporary ban on this form of CFD (contracts for difference) that came into force during the summer of 2018, however this has now come into permanent effect.
These CFD’s are now seen as being closer to gambling rather than a valid form of investment, which has hastened their fall from favour with the regulators.

Seamless mobile gaming experiences

Mobile gaming and online gambling continues to grow in importance as players increasingly use their mobile phones and tablets. Whilst greater player participation in a play anywhere, anytime world increases the opportunities for gaming companies, it also provides challenges in offering seamless game play no matter what platform is being used.

Online gaming companies are rising to this challenge with app based games that provide a full gaming experience allowing players to participate on their journey to work or during down time relaxing on the sofa.

Paying via Cryptocurrencies and anonymous payment gateways has also offered great privacy to players, however caution with these methods is advised as they can lead to excessive and uncontrolled gambling.

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