Our Top 5 Travel Insurance Myths

Travel insurance – we bust the top 5 myths surrounding it and show you how a small investment now can save you a fortune.

Finding Cheap Travel Insurance in your Autumn Years

There’s no avoiding the fact that once you turn 65, insurers of all types are going to shy away from offering you their products and this is especially true for travel insurance.

Why Bother With Family Travel Insurance?

Planning a family holiday can sometimes seem like organising a military campaign – there are hundreds of things to remember, and it’s easy for things to go wrong. Good family travel insurance is not only essential, it can be a lifesaver.

Travel insurance – what does it cover?

With so many travel insurance providers offering differing cover it's important to understand what cover you are buying and not just consider that the cheapest travel insurance is the best.

Buying Travel Insurance? Top Tips to Help You

Buying insurance is not the most exciting thing to be doing. That said some you must have, like car insurance, others you should seriously consider, like home or travel insurance. Whatever you decide to buy though make sure you take the time to buy the cover you need and critically understand what you're buying.