Secured Loans Latest Market News

For those working with secured loans, there is a lot to celebrate going into the New Year. Numbers coming from 2014 show generally positive trends, and predictions are floating around for what’s waiting in 2015 remain very optimistic that secured loans on property will continue to grow.

Is Now a Good Time For a Bank Loan

Right now is one of the best times in the past 10 years to get a loan from a bank. Banks have always been one of the best places to receive a loan from, as their line of cash flow is solidly backed, and their interest rates are usually far lower than a line of credit that a credit union, pawnshop, or any other kind of lender might be able to offer.

Secured Loans & Unsecured Loans: Which is Right for You?

Secured loans are loans where you need to put forth an asset as security or as collateral to borrow funds. Secured loans are generally for larger sums of money than personal loans. You get a generous repayment period together with lower interest rates, as well.

Dealing with Unforeseen Financial Difficulties: Top Tips

Financial difficulties rarely raise their head when you’re flush – such is life. Instead, they will crash into your world when you least expect them and can ill afford to set them right. There are ways to deal with such unexpected pitfalls though, which can help see you through until things pick up again.

Tips on Improving Your Home this Summer

With a sunny bank holiday fresh in our memories, we're daring to believe we've finally left winter behind. While many of us tackle the traditional spring clean, others are thinking of making bigger changes - and planning a few home improvements over the sunny months that (hopefully) lie ahead.

Finally debt free? How to Beat the Bad Credit Blues

If you’ve just managed to sort out your debts, you will no doubt be relieved. However, that being said, you will now have to work at rebuilding your credit rating. This can take a long time and will require a lot of discipline. But in the long term, it will be all worth it, as it will allow you to have access to much better rates of interest.