TripAdvisor – Now It’s Reviews From Our Community

Having had one of our colleagues here on MoneyHighStreet recently write about needing to take care over TripAdvisor reviews, I have just read with interest an article which states that the site is changing the slogan 'reviews you can trust' with the phrase 'reviews from our community'. A good move.

We’re Getting A Bean To Cup Coffee Maker

I had a brain wave yesterday, well a mini one anyway, to address the tricky question of a birthday present for my husband. I'm going to buy a bean to cup coffee maker, a touch of luxury to add to our household. But which one?

Children’s Savings Accounts – Now What Do I Do?

Since I wrote yesterday about having to sort out the savings accounts for our children, I have been through files and drawers trying to find paperwork and passbooks for the accounts that we have. I've found them you'll be pleased to hear, now for the next step - to find out what interest is being paid.