Be Careful with iD Mobile Deals From Carphone Warehouse

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my mobile phone signal strength and recently switched from Three to giffgaff. That move did not work out very well as I had very poor reception indoors which resulted in dropped calls and awful call quality, as I described in that blog post.

After about two weeks of hassle with giffgaff, I finally lost patience and delved back into the market to find another sim only deal.

I am sorry to leave giffgaff as their customer service and community support is great.

If they had Wifi calling which allows you to call via wifi at home when reception is poor, I would not be moving from them, but sadly they don’t have that facility at the moment.

iD Mobile sim only deals look great

The deals on the iD Mobile website caught my eye, so I did some research to find out that they are a virtual network like giffgaff and are in fact a partnership with Carphone Warehouse and use the Three network for coverage in the UK. Like Three they also offer European roaming as part of your plan.

Excellent sim only deals from iD Mobile
Excellent sim only deals from iD Mobile

I’d had problems with Three, which started this journey, but as I knew they were improving the network in my area I decided to give iD Mobile a go. Afterall, their prices are amazing. I couldn’t find better deals anywhere.

With knowledge that iD Mobile is partnered with Carphone Warehouse (CPW), I decided to go into my nearest CPW shop and buy a sim from them, rather than buy it from the iD Mobile website. I was interested in the 4GB data, 500 minutes and 5000 text plan for the amazing price of £10 per month, with just one months notice.

I was a bit perplexed when the CPW shop said that they couldn’t supply that plan, but they could supply a similar plan with 5GB data for £15 per month. I thought that maybe I’d misread the iD Mobile website and foolishly signed up for the deal, knowing that I could get out of it quickly if necessary.

Getting home, I checked the website and low and behold, they are selling the plan that I asked for for £10! I phoned iD Mobile customer services straight away, and cancelled my new contract.

The best iD Mobile deals are on their website and not at Carphone Warehouse

So don’t assume that because CPW and iD Mobile are partners that is doesn’t matter where you buy your sim. You get the best iD Mobile deals on their website. CPW deals are very different and are not as competitive.

If you are Money Smart then order your sim from iD Mobile direct, even if it means waiting for a day for the sim to be delivered and avoid paying far more each month at Carphone Warehouse.

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