Car insurance quotes explained

Car insurance quotes might be confusing and seem to take too long but it is vital you get the best car insurance to meet your needs.

Car insuranceWhether you are a young driver, someone who drives many miles, drive a Renault Clio or a FordĀ  Focus RS, you must have car insurance.

Buying car insurance can be easy but you do need to consider what you need and give the car insurance companies enough information to provide you with a quote that meets your needs.

A great way to speed up the process is to compare car insurance quotes using a comparison website such as, or

These collate information and then provide you with quotes from a range of companies so you can easily see what’s offered for what price.

To get a quote, you do need to

  • consider what type of car insurance you need – third party only, third party, fire and theft or comprehensive
  • answer questions about such as your age, address, job, make and model of car

There are other questions insurance companies will also want answers to that you might like to give some thought to before you start getting a quote.

For example

  • Do you want to pay a higher vountary excess – if you do this will save money on your car insurance premium
  • Do you want a No Claims Discount?
  • Do you want to limit your annual mileage?
  • Are there other drivers?
  • Do you need a courtesy car if your car is off the road?
  • Do you need car breakdown cover included or available at a discount?
  • Does the policy include overseas travel and if so what cover is included?
  • Do you want to pay for the policy in monthly instalments?

By using a comparison site to compare car insurance quotes you only have to enter the information once.

It is collated so that insurers can provide their quotes and these are displayed on screen for you.

If you decide to buy insurance, your information is sent to the appropriate company and you don’t have to reenter it.

The insurance company then deals directly with you to finalise the policy, take payment and to issue you with your car insurance certificate and documentation.

It really is that simple and hopefully not as confusing and time consuming as at first it might seem.

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