Can You Profit with Online Roulette Strategies?

As online roulette continues to grow, players all over the web are relishing the chance to play a range of styles of this beloved game.

Whether classic roulette or modern iterations of the pursuit, the wide range of games are only growing in number across the world. Indeed, playing roulette from home is now just as fun as it is in the big casinos.

With so many roulette games open to players, many have asked the question; can you profit with online roulette strategies? The short answer is yes, but this comes with a caveat! The key to profiting using strategies is often to get in and out quickly, always gambling within your means and responsibly!

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most common roulette strategies, what they entail and how best to employ them. Once you have learned a little about online roulette strategies, why not head over to to see if you can implement them into your game.

Let’s get started with a look at The Martingale, one of the first ever roulette strategies created and used to great effect.

How to use the Martingale online roulette strategy

As the first roulette strategy in the world, the Martingale has a long history as an effective tactic. Although a simple concept, this strategy should only be attempted by those with some serious cool-headedness.

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The basic idea of this strategy is to double down with each loss. Doing this, the law of averages states that eventually you will win and recoup any lost funds as well as a profit. The key to profiting with this online roulette strategy is walking away at just the right time. Also, it is worth bearing in mind that casinos often impose a ceiling on how much you can bet per spin, so you must win before you hit that figure or the strategy does not work!

How to use the Double-up online roulette strategy

Next comes to Double-up. The idea is similar to the last strategy in our list yet it is more of a reversal of this than anything. So, with this roulette strategy, you double down with every win. The idea here is to take full advantage of every winning spin, maximising your earnings. Whenever you lose, you should drop down to the amount of your first stake.

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Again, the key with this strategy is to get in, win and leave as quickly as possible before losing your earnings!

How to use the D’alembert online roulette strategy

The final online roulette strategy in this list is named the D’Alembert. Here, the concept lies in betting more on the subsequent spin that comes proceeding a defeat. The idea being that, in the case of a win, your overall stake will be lower. Smart! The D’alembert follows the mathematical idea that each spin is directly linked to the last, so you should play the game accordingly. Certainly, this is yet another online roulette strategy that requires a sense of calm from the player in order to be effectively implemented!

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