Can a Rented Office Space Save Your Business?

Running an agency or consultancy is hard but exciting work – you and your employees are constantly on the phone, travelling to meet clients and customers, and paperwork piles up.

If you work from a small office, are located far from the centre of town, or struggle with poor internet or phone lines, it may make your job harder than it has to be.

If your office doesn’t make your job easier, you’re doing something wrong.

You need an office in a prime location, with all of the reliable technical elements you need, and for this environment to promote optimum thinking, excellent planning, and the space needed to complete the day’s work.

Determine Your Goals

Do you work for a company that deals mainly with phone calls and e-mails? If so, you could consider private office space. The rates for these rooms can be flexible and affordable, and the options also include a possible common room for people to convene in for a quick coffee break.

If you travel frequently for work, you may want to look into renting a desk in a serviced office. For example, if you work in Manchester one day a week, you can rent a desk in a Manchester office space to ensure you have a strong internet connection and phone line rather than struggling with coffee shop Wi-Fi.

If the business is small, consider a business incubator. These can be very affordable, and are intended for start-ups in service and technology industries. The office space is shared with other start-up groups, and networking and financial management help is available to help the business grow and thrive.

For software developers and creative services, a coworking community may be the best option. These rooms include faster internet connections and networking events, plus the open space makes it possible for coworkers to communicate on projects. This option is recommended for services that do not wholly rely on phone communication.

If the company is a larger one and the goal is to expand business, it can be quite beneficial to work in a serviced office that provides common meeting rooms and private work space, complete with a receptionist. Indeed, working from one of these offices is better to impress clients, and the inclusion of a mail room and concierge will make everybody’s lives easier.

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