Buying Travel Insurance after a Cancer Diagnosis

Receiving the news that you have been diagnosed with any form of cancer can be stressful enough, but difficulties in buying travel insurance after a cancer diagnosis are only likely to add to that stress. The good news, of course, is, that many forms of this terrible disease are now being successfully treated and managed, allowing cancer survivors to live long and fruitful lives.

In light of this positive outlook, many cancer sufferers often decide to make the most of their lives and that may include taking a well-deserved holiday or exploring some exotic locations.

Securing travel insurance that meets their specific needs can, however, be something of a minefield and that is where the expert services of a professional insurance broker come into their own.

Understanding your travel insurance needs

With over 100 different types of cancer identified in humans, it is hardly surprising that the physical effects/symptoms and types of treatment vary widely. Whilst many cancers are ‘well read’ and most of us have heard of them already, there are many others that although less common, have a severe impact on those that are dealing with them.

Specialist insurance knowledge

Cancers such as lung, pancreatic, skin, liver, and others that affect the various organs of the body may be less heard of than breast and prostate cancers, but they all impact the sufferer’s lifestyle to a lesser or greater degree. Dealing with an insurance broker who has access to a company with an understanding of this will provide some obvious advantages to the client.

The benefits of dealing with an insurance broker

Unlike many of the online insurance sites, a traditional insurance broker is likely to have access to the specialist departments and individuals within them at many of the leading insurance companies. They will have an established track record of dealing with both the company and individuals within it, and this gives them a marked advantage on the client’s behalf. Whether you have been diagnosed with cancer or any other ‘life-threatening’ disease, a broker is able to focus their specialised knowledge to secure the ideal cover for you.

Dealing with each client on an individual basis

Specialist insurance brokers appreciate that all of their clients are individuals with their own unique set of circumstances. By tailoring cover to the client’s specific requirements and situation, the broker can ultimately save you both time and money. Buying travel insurance after a cancer diagnosis doesn’t have to be a stressful process if you set off on the right path to start with.

Saving your valuable time and money

Spending hours searching online and making endless phone calls is not only time consuming, it has the potential to be extremely frustrating at the same time. A professional broker will collect only the information that they know is pertinent to your cover and after that you can leave it to them, confident in the knowledge that they will do everything needed. Such brokers understand that every situation is different and they will be dealing with insurance companies that share that view.

Appreciating that you move forward after a cancer diagnosis

Apart from those dealing with a new cancer diagnosis, there are other countless individuals who have been successfully treated and now look forward to getting on with their lives once more. If you have a pre-existing cancer diagnosis, you may on occasion experience  difficulties in convincing an insurer that your life is no longer affected by the disease. Through long-standing working relationships with the leading companies, a broker understands what information is likely to be pertinent to reducing the cost and increasing the scope of your travel insurance cover.

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