Buying Shoes Online: User Review

Buying new shoes online is becoming feasible with websites such as How easy it is it to actually buy shoes from Javari? Read our user review to find out.

Buying shoes onlineBuying clothes online is now well established, however you would imagine that choosing the correct fit and style of shoe from a website would be more difficult. The latest design and technologies behind shoe retailing websites such a, do actually make buying shoes online a feasible proposition.

About is owned and operated by so you have the confidence of knowing that Amazon’s highly efficient order handling processes are working behind the scenes. Amazon know what they are doing when it comes to order fulfillment, rapid deliveries and efficient returns processes and this really helps if you intend buying shoes online.

As Javari is run from a warehouse without the overheads of a high street retail outlet, it can stock a far wider range of styles, sizes and manufacturers than most shoe shops so you have a very wide choice of shoes to chose from. Finding the right style and fit from that bewildering range would be daunting, however, if it were not for the very well thought out design of the Javari website.

Navigating around the website is very easy as you can easily select brand, size, category, colour and/or price range from the left hand menu. Selecting a brand, for example, quickly brings good images of the available styles, with the available sizes, categories and colours for that brand highlighted in the menu choices.

Clicking on a shoe then displays a very high quality image that you can scroll around using your mouse to see how it looks from different angles and in close up – very neat.

There are also extensive details about the shoe such as what it is made from and the familiar Amazon type user reviews. There is also a very useful size comparison chart to check that you are buying the correct size.

How competitive are the prices?

In short, we have found the Javari prices to be considerably cheaper than the high street, which is what you expect from an online retailer, particularly if it involves Amazon.

For example, a pair of mens Skechers shoes cost £60 in the local Debenhams store. Javari are selling them for £50 – that is a considerable saving.

Given the huge choice available, we haven’t looked at every product available for its price competitiveness, however in general there seem to be considerable savings available when buying from Javari, compared to high street prices.

Efficiency of Deliveries and Returns

Javari provide a free one day delivery, which is a next working day service, although you can pay extra to get Saturday deliveries if you want.

We ordered two pairs of shoes in the early afternoon and they were delivered before 10am the next working day. Predictably the right shoe with the right colour and size was delivered – Amazon order fulfillment efficiencies coming into play, once again.

There is a 365 returns policy which means that you can return your shoe to Javari for a full refund within 365 days of receipt. The return can be for any reason and Javari refund your return postage.

In actual fact, the shoes we selected came up larger than their size indicated so we had to send our purchases back. We only tried them on indoors and made sure that they were “as new”, boxed them up and sent them back via second class post.

We received a full refund, plus the £8 postage costs within five days. No hassles, no quibble, no problems, though it did mean that we had to buy different shoes instead.

High Street comparison tip

Here is a tip that has occurred to us. We have tried it and found that it can save you a lot of money when buying new shoes.

If you are looking for shoes in a high street shop and have access to an excellent smart phone such as the Samsung Galaxy S or an iPhone, then use it to see if Javari are offering a better deal.

So if you have found exactly the right shoe. It fits well and you like the style, then use your smart phone to see if Javari are offering that exact shoe for a better price, before buying it in the shop.

If Javari are selling it cheaper then you can either negotiate with the shop to get a discount or order from Javari and receive the shoes the next working day, saving money at the same time.

Overall Impression

Buying shoes is never easy and purchasing online would seem to be almost impossible.

Javari offers a huge selection of mens, womens and childrens shoes, plus handbags and accessories, backed up by Amazon’s highly efficient deliveries and very good return policy. As we have shown, prices are very competitive too.

All in all, we have found buying shoes from Javari to be very easy and effective. In fact those tedious hours trailing around different shoe shops are numbered from now on as we will be buying our shoes from Javari from now on.


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