Buying a Wedding Gift: 5 Essential Tips

During the height of the summer wedding season, not surprisingly there’s an upsurge in wedding gift search. Fascinating insights provided by Story Locker, a pioneer in the gift-giving sphere, uncover this intriguing pattern of wedding present hunting, which surprisingly hits its pinnacle towards the end of July, rather than August—the prime month for weddings.

Key Points

  • Interest in buying wedding gifts-buying in the UK peaks at the end of July, ahead of the August wedding season.
  • Top wedding gift-buying tips include buying fabulous and not faddy, going ‘off menu’, sticking to a budget, clubbing together with other guests, and considering experience gifts.
  • A personal podcast recording could be a memorable wedding gift for newlyweds.

Searches for ‘Wedding Gift’ Rises as Summer Weddings Move into the Spotlight

The increasing online searches for ‘wedding gift’ hit a climax between July 24 and 31, suggests data from Google Trends. A glimpse into the search history since 2019 suggests an annual trend: the 27th of July is the peak day for gift searches. With the school holidays in full swing, it appears summer wedding guests are busy scanning online platforms for the perfect gift, a month prior to the actual ceremonies.

The allure of August Saturdays for couples is undeniable. In 2022, the 6th, 20th, and 27th of August were among the most preferred dates to say ‘I do’.

5 Essential Tips for Wedding Gift Selection

1. Choose Thoughtfully

Kettle in white with silver trim

Hot trends such as Air Fryers might be the talk of the town, but caution is advised against blindly following consumer trends. You really do want to make sure you try and find the perfect wedding gift.

Don’t forget, many couples will have spent the last weeks and months researching and planning their big day from top to bottom, so may well be aware of what the most common – and least imaginative – items to buy.

Make sure you try and avoid risking duplication or giving the impression of a thoughtless purchase.

2. Bypass the Registry

In modern times, couples have likely chosen their homeware long before the wedding.

While the John Lewis list is still going strong, wedding registries aren’t as popular as they once were, so if there’s under a month to go the chances are you will have missed out on the best present picks.

It might be wise to go ‘off menu’ or contribute towards something like a honeymoon fund instead of choosing from what’s left on the registry.

3. Stick to Your Budget

American Express data reveals an average gift spending of £217.90, a 25% increase from 2022. It’s crucial to establish a budget and remain within its boundaries. The couple’s appreciation for your presence will no doubt outweigh the value of your gift.

4. Group Gifting

Collaborating with other guests could make more costly items or experiences affordable. A collective gift from a group of friends could prove equally, if not more, memorable than individual presents.

In today’s digital age, group gifting has emerged as a splendid solution for those hefty wedding gifts that might be out of reach for an individual.

Instead of settling for smaller, individual tokens, friends and family can collaborate to gift the newlyweds something substantial and memorable. Platforms dedicated to this, like Patchworkit, make pooling resources a breeze. Whether it’s a luxurious honeymoon suite in Santorini, state-of-the-art home theatre system or renovating the bathroom, the couple’s been eyeing, group gifting ensures that dreams aren’t compromised.

It’s a testament to the age-old adage: there’s strength in numbers. Embracing this trend not only takes the guesswork out of buying a wedding gift but also fosters a sense of community among the contributors.

5. Gift an Experience

Hot air balloons over a field

If you’re uncertain about the gift, consider an experience gift.

In years to come your friends might not remember who bought them a set of wine glasses or a salad bowl but they will definitely remember who helped them go up in a hot air balloon or enjoy afternoon tea at a top hotel, whether in the country or the city.

Or a joint experience of creating a personal podcast maybe an ideal gift. It is something which newlyweds can record when they get back from their honeymoon. This means they can store all those special memories of their big day forever and share them with families and friends.

And a Final Thought….

Taking these tips into account will hopefully mean the summer wedding you’re about to attend will run smoothly for you and the other guests and of course the happy couple too. Do remember though that the joy of gifting comes from the thought and care put into the present, not as many might think, the price tag.

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