Buy the black Nintendo Wii for under £150

The limited edition black Nintendo Wii is selling really well and here are details of retailers we’ve found selling it for under £150, great news when you consider it’s so popular and the RRP is £179.99.

Black Nintendo Wii console Update 26 February 10 – since we wrote the original article, the black Nintendo Wii prices have generally gone up. There are though still some good deals to be had – check out our latest article on the cheapest Black Nintendo Wii prices online. Be quick though as stock is still running out quickly.

The best black Nintendo Wii we could find as at 20 February is at John Lewis at £149.95 – not only is it a great price there but they also have it in stock, unlike some other online retailers.

HMV and Amazon also have the black Nintendo Wii console, sports pack with Wii Sports Resort and MotionPlus Accessory for a fraction more at £149.99.

John Lewis also have a special offer of the black Nintendo and Sports bits + Mario Kart Wii with Wii Wheel for £179.60.

As such a popular games console, prices are regularly changing so if you do see a deal it’s best to act quickly – not only because of the price but also as stocks really do run out quickly.

We’re trying to keep up with games console deals and indeed many other offers and we’ll publish new info as we get it.

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Finally, here’s a review from someone on Amazon which I thought summed up so many positives of this black Nintendo Wii

‘I had been thinking about getting the Wii for some time but was concerned it would spoil my high tech living room. The black version however looks fantastic and, without the stand in use, lays discretely on my TV unit. It’s surprisingly small and, though I am loathed to admit it, looks cool. It also plays great too. I have a PS3 and for visually engaging games that can’t be beaten (unless you’re an X-Box convert). The Wii however provides an all-together different experience. I have targeted the sports and activity games. Everyone wants to play the Wii from my grand daughter to my wife (not the most dedicated gamer). I am avoiding buying any “serious” titles for the Wii, like Assassin’s Creed II, Avatar and F1 2009, say. The Wii was built for Mario Kart, Sports Resort and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. It’s a lot cheaper than installing a bowling ally, tennis court or boxing ring I can assure you. I recommend getting a composite video lead for the Wii if your TV supports it to optimise the relatively simple visuals. In summary, when we want to have fun or want to involve everyone in the action it’s the Wii we choose.’

And another from Amazon

‘It comes complete with black remote, black nunchuck and black motion plus controller, including two silicone covers for both sized remotes. I just prefer the look of the black console and accessories – the blue lights stand out better on it all and it just looks sleeker. They’ve also included a special cleaning cloth for the wii to avoid scratching. I guess this time round they really have thought of everything!

As for the gameplay – fantastic. Innovative and so much fun. Particularly Mario Kart Wii, endless hours of family fun!’

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