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People often assume that the rise of the Internet has somehow harmed the usefulness of flyers/leaflets and business cards in raising your business profile. However, such prints as instant print flyers are just as affective as ever and here are a few reasons why:

• Any form of advertising is good advertising, whether over the Internet or on paper. It all increases awareness of your business.

• A custom flyer can build momentum, if the customer is really interested and wants to know more, then you can direct them elsewhere – the Internet or a specific location they can visit for example.

• Who doesn’t think that business cards make you look important? Having business cards can look professional and are easy to pass around to anyone who may need or want your business.

• Having only a certain amount of space to play around with on flyers/leaflets can mean you get straight to the point. You can provide a quick summary of what your company offers and what the message is that you want to get across. People are much more likely to read something quick and to the point.

• The more times your company logo is reinforced, the more people will be aware of your business, so distributing your leaflets on a regular basis can mean that people start to recognise your logo and pay more attention to you.

• Leaflets are a quick and low-cost way to get your business out there, so they are perfect for businesses just starting out. Most printers dispatch within 24 hours to get you started as quick as possible.

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• Don’t forget that leaflets/flyers and business cards really do reach the masses. Not everybody has the Internet, or regular use of it – so a leaflet is guaranteed to reach more people.

• Investing in a good print can work wonders. A higher quality print will show potential customers that you mean business and that you are willing to invest in getting your message out there properly. If you print correctly and keep up with the distribution regularly, you will establish the right kind of image. The more you invest in your image, the more people will trust you. Instant print flyers come in a range of colours ad prints and can even be laminated to keep them in tact – perfect for creating the professional image a business needs.

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