Bulb Energy now pays £100 credit to new switchers

Bulb Energy are celebrating their 200,000th customer by paying a £100 credit when a new customer switches to them from a competitor.

Bulb Energy renewable energy concept

As an independent energy supplier, Bulb Energy has made significant progress in winning new customers to its Green energy plans. It was only in mid September that we reported that this company had won its 100,00th customer, so its market penetration is gaining ground against fierce competition.

Priding itself on the simplicity of its energy plans and tariffs – there is one tariff for electricity and one for gas, Bulb Energy also supplies 100% of its electricity from renewable sources and 10% of its gas is derived biomethane, which is a also a renewable sources.

Although these benefits are attractive to customers used to complex tariffs and increasingly expensive gas and electricity prices from the big six energy companies, it is likely to be the sign up credit that is paid to both the new customer and the referrer that is under-pinning much of the rapid Bulb Energy customer acquisition.

As previously reported, it is possible to not only save money but you can earn money too, by switching to Bulb Energy.

If you want to sign up to Bulb Energy, click here to get a quote!

With the increase from a £50 sign up credit to the highly attractive £100 it will be interesting to see if this further accelerates the growth of this independent energy company.

In order to benefit from this £100 credit, however, switchers should begin the process within the next six days. This is a limited time offer, which expires at 23.59pm Monday 20th November. Sign up rewards will revert back to the £50 credit thereafter.

Holding onto £5 notes

For Bulb Energy customers, it is reassuring to know that they are contributing to a greater uptake of green energy, which is making a significant contribution towards reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions.

The company estimate that their customers are now removing 380,000 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere each year.

At at time when half of energy customers are paying too much for their gas and electricity, according to a recent Ofgem report, it is good for consumers that independent suppliers are offering innovative incentives and environmentally friendly energy sources to whittle away at the dominance of the large energy companies.


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