Bulb Acquires Over 100,000 Green Energy Customers

We decided to switch to Bulb for both our gas and electricity at the end of April this year.

Green Energy from a wind turbine

It wasn’t just that our household energy costs would be lower with this independent supplier, it was the added benefit that Bulb buys as much green energy from renewable sources as possible, that was also an attractive proposition. Our switch to Bulb went through seamlessly and our experience as a customer has been excellent ever since.

I was one of the millions who had shied away from switching energy supplier, but so far, I’m glad that I made the effort and found that it was very simple to do. Our energy bills have fallen at a time when other large companies have increased their prices, and it does feel good that we are helping the environment too.

Bulb is growing very rapidly

What I wasn’t aware of was that back in April I was the 33,876th person to join Bulb. A couple of weeks ago I received an email from them to proudly announce that they had just acquired their 100,000th customer. That is an astonishingly rapid growth rate – increasing their customers by 66,000 in four months!

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I was a bit alarmed at first as I thought that this huge growth in customer numbers for a small independent energy company, would swamp their previously excellent customer service. However, it seems that they have anticipated this rapid growth and have been taking on more support staff to cope with the influx of new customers.

I have only had to phone Bulb customer support a couple of times recently, and was answered quickly and efficiently on both occasions. No endless phone menus and being kept on hold for ages, as I had experienced with British Gas and other ‘Big Six’ energy providers.

Bulb must be applauded for their achievements in such a fiercely competitive market, dominated by large companies with enormous marketing clout and presence. These large companies own about 90% of the UK energy market, but they often do not offer the best deals and customer experiences.

Their huge market share is not unassailable. There are some great deals from some fantastically innovative independent companies available.

Save money and EARN money by switching to Bulb

Bulb, for example, offer a fantastic “refer a friend” deal whereby they will credit £100 to your account when you switch using my referrer link. If you then refer a friend, once you are a customer, then you too, will earn £100!. I have explained how to do this in this article.

Save money

This means that not only can you save money by switching to Bulb, you can earn money by referring your friends to them too! Talk about a win win situation!

I am sure that this great offer for customers switching to Bulb is one of the reasons for their success. I want to emphasise, however, that it is not only this deal that makes them so attractive. Their energy prices are competitive and I really love the fact that I am receiving all these benefits whilst helping the environment.

With Autumn upon us and Winter approaching, I urge everyone to think about switching to a better energy deal. As good as Bulb is, there are many other independent energy suppliers, who cater for a very wide range of circumstances and requirements.

Switching energy suppliers is easy – they do the hard work for you. Look at the market, find a great deal and then switch. Do it today!


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