Broadband review: Be Broadband

Continuing our series of reviews of broadband services available around Britain, this week we look at Be Broadband packages.

Before we even to start to look at the ins and outs of the various packages on offer from Be Broadband, it is worth noting that its consumer broadband offerings have already won awards at the UK Internet Industry Awards (ISPA) and has got excellent ratings from the likes of PC Gamer and PC Advisor magazines.

Be Broadband being used

Two features of Be’s services stand out immediately. First of all, its broadband packages have no caps so you can download as much as you want, when you want without any extra charge.

The second notable feature is the transparency and value of Be’s offerings. It does not attempt to lure customers with attractive introductory offers. Its prices are low and they stay that way.

Like most other broadband providers, Be Broadband offers three different packages to suit different levels of usage. They are:

Be Value – At £14 per month, this is the cheapest package. However, download speeds are more than respectable at up to 8 Mb, you get up to 1.3 Mb upload and, as mentioned, you can download as much as you want.

Be Unlimited – This is almost identical to the ‘Be value’ option but it is slightly more expensive at £18 per month and you get download speeds of up to 24 Mb.

Be Pro – Again, you get 24 Mb download speeds but you have the added advantage of up to 2.3 Mb upload speeds and your own static IP address for £24 per month.

As mentioned, all the prices above are not special introductory offers but the standard price you will pay for each package.

All three packages are subject to a £24 connection fee and you must have a BT phoneline. However, the package includes a free wireless modem so this is also very reasonably priced.

You can check out whether Be Broadband is available in your area on the Be Broadband coverage page. It is unlikely that the speeds you get will ever match those advertised with any service, as much is beyond either the control of the broadband provider or yourself.

Be does have an excellent reputation but we would always recommend that you try out the service yourself on a trial basis before deciding, as speeds can vary dramatically depending on your location and how far away you are from the nearest exchange.

If you opt for Be, you will need to install the modem yourself. This process is quite simple and Be offers a 24/7 customer support service to help you with any problems you may have with installation or thereafter.

Because you do not need an engineer to visit your home, you can sign up for or migrate to Be Broadband quickly and easily.

In terms of download speeds and value, Be Broadband is easily one of the most competitive packages we have come across since we began our series of broadband reviews. Thumbs up.

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