Bio-diesel is now available. Well done Morrisons!

The recent oil price hikes are making us all re-think how we reduce our energy usage. More people must be switching to bio-diesel than I thought.

Although oil prices have been retracting from their record prices set in early July, many of my friends are talking about how to reduce their energy usage and, of course, costs.

My father noticed, for example, that there are far more bikes outside his local supermarket. More people are cycling to do the shopping instead of hopping into their cars.

If you think about it, this is one of the benefits of high energy costs. We use our cars less, become healthier as we walk and cycle more and save money too.

Oh yes. The environment benefits too.

I was filling our car up at a local Morrisons supermarket this morning (sorry, I hadn’t cycled there!) when I noticed, for the first time, that they were selling bio-diesel.

That tied in with another bio-fuel first today too. I saw a Saab Bio Power car for the first time. It had probably just filled up at the Morrisons petrol station.

So well done, Morrisons.

Not only are you supplying bio-diesel, and it seems very few petrol stations are, but you are encouraging the use of greener fuels, with at least on local driver.


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