Best Ways to Use Your PayPal Cash Online

PayPal is the undisputed king of online financial transactions. The famous E-Wallet is the most widely used online electronic payment system in the world. Developed in the 1990s by the likes of Peter Thiel and Elon Musk, PayPal changed the world and allowed internet users to purchase goods online using online money transactions.

In truth, PayPal really does not need any introduction. At ABC Money, we have compiled a list of some of the best ways in which you can use your PayPal account to make real world purchases. We have done our best to include some unusual and lesser-known ways you can spend your PayPal money too.


eBay bought PayPal in 2003 and used the payment processor as eBay’s main electronic payment system. It was a match made in heaven and ensured that anyone with a PayPal account was able to buy and sell items on eBay in an easy and secure way. Although PayPal is now an independent company again, it remains the number one payment system on eBay.

When using PayPal to purchase items on eBay, you are able to use your PayPal money on a huge variety of different items, from video games and books to Soviet art. One user even purchased a haunted rubber duck on eBay using PayPal!

Purchasing a Tesla

Although you cannot buy a Tesla car outright using PayPal, you can put down a deposit for the car with your PayPal money. Tesla is an electric car company founded by one of the PayPal creators, Elon Musk. It’s not too surprising then, that Musk allows customers to purchase his vehicles with their PayPal wallets.

Musk often finds himself in the headlines in the United Kingdom. Recently, the entrepreneur has been causing a commotion within cryptocurrency circles. For a while, Tesla accepted payments in Bitcoin which helped to boost the price of the coin, before later telling his legion of Twitter followers that Tesla would no longer accept Bitcoin payments due to the high energy cosy of the crypto coin.

Either way, for now, you can put down a deposit for a Tesla using PayPal!

Playing PayPal Slots

Thanks to the security and privacy PayPal offers its users, there are now many online casinos which allow you to top-up your online casino account using PayPal. Using a PayPal account to make a deposit at a casino ensures that you do not have to share any of your intimate bank details directly with the online casino itself. Instead, PayPal acts as the middleman between your bank and the casino. The majority of online casinos will also allow you to make withdrawals from your casino account straight back into your PayPal wallet too. Additionally, transactions are usually instant too, so no waiting around.

Although several E-Wallets have made their way into the casino gaming industry, PayPal remains one of the best options.

Buying Art Online

Art is one of the best ways to introduce beauty into your house and workplaces. It has been proven that art in a working environment both reduces stress and increases creativity. So, what better way is there to spend your PayPal cash then by purchasing art online? One of the top websites for buying art using PayPal is DeviantArt. From anime art to fine art, this is a fantastic resource for checking out and potentially purchasing all different types of artworks for your home, workplace or home-office!

Of course, there are plenty of online stores where you can purchase different types of art, but DeviantArt is one of the best that guarantees to accept payments using PayPal. You can even contact the artist yourself and order a commission!

Buying Cryptocurrency

There are now numerous cryptocurrency exchange platforms which allow you to purchase crypto coins with PayPal. From Coinbase to Kraken, there are plenty of options for you if you do plan on purchasing cryptocurrency. Of course, as one of the top money sites in the UK, we always recommend caution where cryptocurrencies are concerned.

Taking a Trip to Disneyland

Fancy booking a trip to Disneyland in America, France or Asia? Well, Walt Disney now accept booking using PayPal. It has never been simpler to book your Disneyland tickets online. Be aware though, the current lockdown situations across the world mean that it remains hard to predict whether or not any flights will go ahead, so book with caution please.

Booking Airline Tickets

Flight companies including RyanAir allow all passengers to pay for their flights with PayPal. Paying for your flights with PayPal ensures privacy and safety in addition to simplicity. In fact, you can do everything needed to book airline tickets using your mobile phone, from paying for your tickets to showing your boarding pass.

We highly recommend using your PayPal e-wallet for booking flights. The majority of airlines now accept payments through PayPal.

How Do You Use PayPal?

If you have ever bought something outlandish or unexpected using PayPal, please let us know! There are thousands of different types of online retailers which accept PayPal in the 21st century. We would just like to leave you with one final question: where would we be without PayPal?

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