Winning The Battle With BT Connection Charges – With Help From The BBC

Some time ago I wrote about my battle with BT over their broadband connection charges. It seems that I won, in the end, but only with help from the BBC….

About a month after writing that article, in which I described how I was battling with BT to get my broadband connection sorted out, I was contacted by the BBC to appear in the “Rip Off Britain” programme.

The producers wanted me to explain the issues that I had encountered when dealing with BT and its various call centres, and how the problem had eventually been resolved.

Well, the “Rip Off Britain” programme was aired on BBC1 on Wednesday and is still available on iPlayer.

I did get an apology from BT about the terrible service and, even better, also got the connection charge refunded, as stated by them in the programme.

So I won in the end, but I suspect it was the power of the BBC that was the major factor in my victory.

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