Bad debt management alternatives: crazy things that people do

When you’re experiencing debt problems, as so many people are lately, sometimes your sense of reason can take a bit of an unauthorised holiday.

You might become over-stressed or slip out a sentence that doesn’t really reflect your best manners. But sometimes, people affected by debt complications take truly drastic, downright debilitating measures in an effort to cope with their perceived catastrophe.

No matter how far you’ve fallen into debt, or how difficult it seems to make ends meet from one month to the next, you can always have a chat with a professional debt management team to sort out your options. This is certainly a better step to take than some of the more desperate, and sometimes illegal, alternatives:

Committing fraud

Crossing the line of the law is a pretty big risk for people who attempt to alleviate their financial problems through this method. Recent surveys administered in the UK found that over a million people would consider committing car crash fraud in an attempt to get some extra funds from their insurance plans. This is dangerous and could land you in really low rent facilities – prison.

Eating poorly

Groceries and related bills can add up when you’re watching receipts, but punishing yourself through an insufficient or poorly balanced diet is likely to make you feel worse, and won’t save you much money in the long run. Consider cultivating your green thumb for some extra savings in the kitchen, and concentrate on cooking rather than buying packaged foods on the cheap.

Ignoring the problem

Left unaddressed, debt issues simply become worse. Though closing your eyes and plugging your ears to the bad news coming through the post and the annoying phone calls interrupting your dinner can seem like an easy way out, taking action is a much better choice.

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