Asda Should Be Congratulated For Market Leading Petrol Price Cuts

Whenever I drive past my local supermarket, I invariably glance at the petrol prices. Over the last few months, prices seem to have gone up on almost a daily basis. The last week or so has seen a welcome fall in fuel prices, however.

Whereas petrol was costing just over 120.99p per litre two weeks ago, you can now buy it for 115.99p at my local supermarket. That makes quite a difference when you fill the tank up from near empty.

The news that Asda is cutting the price of their petrol to 113.99p per litre is great news for motorists. As we mentioned in our news item, Asda has probably got some leeway to cut prices because the cost of crude oil has fallen and the pound has strengthened against the dollar.

However Asda are leading the way in reducing the costs of motoring for all of us and they should be congratulated for that.

We should all show a vote of thanks by filling our cars up at the nearest Asda petrol station – not only will it save some hard earned money, but it could help encourage the other supermarkets to drop their prices too.

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