Articulating Hashtags For Instagram In 2020

Research reveals that nearly seventy percent users on Instagram try to search for brands through this social media platform. With over a billion users on this network, which is becoming stronger every day, one of the most suitable methods to enhance the reach of your brand is the addition of hashtags. There is no way you can undermine the prospect of hashtag on Instagram in the year 2020.

With nearly thirteen percent of posts receiving more attention through Instagram, here is your chance to get going. As hashtag is responsible for amplifying the success of Instagram, you have to craft new strategies to use them in the year 2020.

Number of hashtags

Although hashtags is one of the most important aspects of gaining followers on Instagram, you need to restrict its use in every post. The highest is the use of thirty hashtags on the posts. However, you may decide to add some and not all if that resonates with the post. Overuse of hashtags can make your content appear like spam while you are trying you are trying to boost the leads. On an average, using about nine to ten hashtags can suffice for receiving engagement through this network.

Why use hashtags

One of the most prominent reasons why businesses use hashtags is its ability to assemble videos and photos on this social media network. To figure out and filter contents on specific niches becomes easier for your fans and the community as a whole. Even though you can include about thirty hashtags for posting your content on Instagram, make sure they are relevant to the posts. With out of context hashtags and wrong use, you can hardly expect to grow your fan following. Read the points below to discover more.

Holding a hashtag sign

  • The first step you need to follow is extensive research is to fix your strategy for using Instagram.
  • Checking the industry-related hashtags and their suitable use can strengthen your decision when it comes to its use.
  • Try to look for those hashtags that your fan following and users are more likely to look for as it can offer you a better result.
  • Using the correct strategy for hashtag enhances the chances of prospects to find your brand and allows you reach more people.
  • Do not overlook the quality of the content you post as it is another factor to pull crowd on Instagram.

Things to keep in mind while working on hashtags

A few things you need to keep in mind while using hashtags.

  • You can use numbers in hashtags but no special characters.
  • Tagging your post is possible with hashtags but not on other people’s contents.
  • When people with private profiles use hashtags, the profile will not appear publicly.

Using hashtag for success

The best way to use hashtag to enhance exposure is as follows.

  • You can choose about three to five hashtags that are popular as they are closely linked to about million posts that use specific hashtags.
  • You can also select from hashtags that may not be so popular, but get less likes and followers that can shoot to the range of three hundred thousand.
  • Picking hashtags that cater to your niche can help you address your target customers with ease.
  • Using a couple of branded hashtags can also help you get the desired followers.

Besides this, you can also by real likes from the best sources when trying to apply other strategies to promote your brand.

Using hashtags in IG feed posts

It is not mere addition of hashtags o the post that can turn the trend in your favor when it comes to using Instagram. The most important thing is to find hashtags that resonate with your brand. Instead of using those that are far too popular on this social media platform, try to stick to something that is not overtly popular. You can try to choose those that belong to your niche instead of those that do not connect with your industry. A majority of brands try to select hashtags that suit their target audience as they want them to find their brand more easily. For instance, if you belong to the beauty industry, do not just go for tags such as “#makeup” as less followers are likely to be enticed with this. You can highlight names of brands and convince them to check your collection.

Instagram on a cell-phone

However, a few industries can use direct hashtags and wedding gown is one of them though it may not be useful when you are trying to cater to an audience based on different geographic locations. Serving people at times when they need service is one of the ways you can give your follower count a real boost through hashtags.

Searching relevant audience and topics

Instead of placing hashtags randomly for every post on Instagram, you need to make your approach customer-oriented. Therefore, you need to focus on those hashtags that your audiences use often and insert them in your post. Moreover, the hashtags you incorporate must include relevant keywords and those that fit your business appropriately. Remember, the less popular are the hashtags, more is the tendency of hashtags to be associated with posts. If you are trying to hit your target audience with the hashtag, try to stick to long-tail options that your audience can search.

What are the trends that are linked to your business and similar options? One of the best methods to get success with hashtag is to focus on the keywords you are presently using. Besides this, you can move inside the Instagram app and tap on the magnifying glass icon and choose “tags” to enter the hashtags on the searchbar and come to know about the options that connect to your business. According to professionals, you can also search for posts that include your hashtag to note the trends that can be used in the future as well.

Hashtags for likes and followers

Instagram users want to make sure that their accounts must receive maximum likes, comments, ad followers. It is true that influencers on Instagram can get you more followers and drive traffic to your site. However, the hashtag you choose can impact the rate of engagement in a big way. Be sure to use an appropriate hashtag when you are trying to rev up likes and followers on your account. Using something that does not suit your industry will not help you fetch likes and do not move away from your niches whether you belong to fashion, sports, entertainment, you have to focus on your attention on the benefit you get eventually.

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