Are you being ripped off by hidden broadband charges?

Some 8 million people have been stung with hidden broadband charges by their service providers – are you one of those being ripped off?

BroadbandAccording to, the most common hidden broadband charges are

  • Paper billing
  • Non-direct debit payments
  • Calls to broadband technical support lines
  • Installation charges
  • Activation charges

There are also the costs incurred if you go over your data download limit which has recently had quite a lot of coverage in the media.

The biggest worry is that nearly half of those with the extra broadband charges aren’t even aware that the costs are part of their contract.

Small print charges are a big issue, and as moneysupermarket is urging, is an area that Ofcom need to address.

Meantime, by being aware of these hidden charges you can at least try to avoid them.

  • Move away from paper billing to direct debit. Whilst some only charge a minimal amount for paper billing, for example Sky charges 50p per month, it still adds up and is an unnecessary cost if you are prepared to pay by direct debit
  • Make sure you understand what installation or activation charges there are. With Virgin Broadband for example installation is free and with both BT and Virgin there’s no activation fee
  • Consider the length of the broadband contract you are signing up to and the consequences if you need to cancel it before it finishes
  • Find out about the support service and in particular the costs of making calls to it
  • Make sure you are clear on your broadband data download limit and the costs of exceeding this.

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