Are debts mounting? Do you feel poor today?

Sorry about sounding such a killjoy, but Monday 25th January has been found to be the day on which Brits feel the poorest.

Apparently research from Sky Broadband Unlimited and Jasmine Birtles, the financial expert that we have previously featured, has identified today as the day when Brits feel the most in debt and impecunious.

A third of Brits need four pay cheques to clear Christmas debts accumulating on their credit cards, it seems. Some are still paying for Christmas the year before. Perhaps more concerning is that the research has shown that on way people are cutting back on is with health and hygiene so there are likely to be some smelly people knocking around.

One in ten will buy fewer toiletries, the same number of people will not get their haircut and one in five will abstain from buying new clothes. Additionally nearly 7% of people will put their health at risk as they consider putting off dental work to save money.

Jasmine Birtles comments: “It’s no surprise that we’re all feeling the pinch this month, but I think it’ll come as quite a shock that it will take an average of four months pay for some people to get back on track.”

“One great way to save money is to look for offers and bundling solutions on bills, such as Sky’s offer of free Broadband Unlimited for six months. Small changes like this can really make a difference to household finances in these tough months.”

So when cash is tight and the credit card bills just won’t go away, “staying in” becomes the new “going out” and TV and broadband services become more important.

To help out, Sky is running an offer of free Broadband Unlimited – Sky’s fastest broadband product, with up to 20Mb download speeds plus free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines – for six months, with the remaining 6 months at just £10 a month, saving £60 total. Their offer lasts until 5th February 2010.

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