Am I Spending too Much on Christmas this Year?

Here I am finally wrapping my Christmas presents, an improvement on the usual Christmas Eve rush. But it is taking time!

It’s not being helped by the fact that I seem to need copious amounts of coffee breaks as I wrap, it seems coupled with lots of time on the computer – you know how it is, check the emails, check the news, perhaps check Facebook and Twitter. All time consuming things that take me away from the real task of wrapping presents.

That said, the time is not totally wasted as I have found some interesting facts during my breaks.

First off, the world hasn’t ended today. Well I knew that, here in sunny Devon it’s as peaceful tranquil as ever.

Secondly I feel very sorry for all those facing travel chaos with all the weather problems. I do hope the issues at Paddington station get resolved quickly so that holidaymakers have a chance of getting away and for those flying that they can get to Heathrow to catch flights.

With all the gadgets my own children have put on their Father Christmas list, the cost of Christmas is really adding up. I do wonder if I’ve overspent?

This infographic I found puts into context my spend compared with my fellow South West neighbours and indeed others across the country.

A Frugal Christmas and a Debt Free New Year – An infographic by the team at The Co-operative Bank

Around £325 is the average spend in my region according to this. I’d say I’ve gone over that when all aspects of Christmas are taken into account, not just the christmas presents but the Christmas dinner and all the extra nibbles and drinks we’ll consume – or at least I think we will as the pantry is now full with them.

We need to consume them soonest anyway before the inevitable New Year diet starts… predictable so many of us are, me included!!

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