Alternative Casino Games You Can Play Today

Casino games come in a huge variety, giving players loads of options to work with. However, players do not often explore the hundreds of games on offer until they get bored by their favourites. We don’t mean you can step away from the standard table games, but with some new ones you might spice up your gambling session. If you are currently in search for top-notch online casinos where you can play slots, you can visit Lucky Nugget NZ review .

Below we have compiled a list of alternative casino games that offer the same quality of entertainment as the classic casino games. These games may not be as competitive, but they can offer that feeling of novelty you crave after playing the same set of games over a long period.

Below are several fun casino games that are played very differently from the traditional ones that we all learn and care about.

Sic Bo

Originating from China, Sic Bo is an ancient game of luck and is now commonly played in casinos in Asia and Las Vegas. It is a game of dice, and the winning condition involves making a bet on a condition, including even and odd numbers, but with many more combinations. The game begins with the players making bets on the table at the appropriate locations. Then, the dealer takes up the dice and shakes them. The round ends when the dealer discloses a dice combination, and those who choose the right combination receive their payment. With the advancements in casino technology, Sic bo is available at many credible online casinos right at your disposal.

Gambling by playing poker in a casino

Casino War

Casino is a replica of a popular card game known as War. The game was recreated by Microgaming and it is available in online and ground-based casinos. Similar to the children’s games, War’s greatest advantage is its simplicity, and, unlike some other casino games, no strategy or preparation is required. This is simply fortunate, and the house edge is as low as 1.2%. The game brings a certain nostalgia, that you can play without getting bored for hours.

It’s a pretty common game at the brick-and-mortar casinos, formerly known as Wheel of Fortune, and every prominent Las Vegas casino has one at the entrance. Although there are many variants of the wheel available online, the most entertaining one is Spin a Win which Playtech develops. You can place small £ 2 bets per spin and you can get a long gambling session with less than £ 100. The only downside is that although spinning the wheel can be fun, it can quickly get boring, especially if you’re on a losing spree.

Spin A Win

Spin a Win is quite a popular game in both land-based and online casinos. Also known as Wheel of Fortune, Spin a Win can be found at the entrance of every Las Vegas casino. While there are several variants of the wheel available online, the most exciting one is Spin a Win which Playtech creates. You can place small £2 bets per spin and judge by this game’s odds, you can get a long gambling session with less than £100. However, the game can quickly get boring, especially if you have been losing continuously.

A roulette wheel in a casino

Football Studio

Football Studio, developed by Evolution Gaming, shares certain similarities with Casino Battle and both games are based on the concept of highest card wins. This fascinating live dealer game is available for play on the web as well as on the smartphone and has impressive payout rate. Football studio is very easy to learn and comes with detailed instructions on how to play. Before beginning your round, you will be asked to guess the winning team (home or away), or whether it will lead to a draw.

When all the bets are in, two cards will be taken from the deck and put on their designated side (either away or home) of the pitch. The highest card becomes the winner, and players are paid out if their bets are correct. In the case of a draw, the player gets 11:1 payout.

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