Which Advances Have Helped the Online Bingo Community Grow?

The online bingo market has exploded in the past decade.

While brick-and-mortar bingo venues remain key fixtures in towns’ and cities’ entertainment scenes, the proliferation of online gaming has transformed the way in which fans play. The technology available to bingo brands of all sizes continues to evolve, empowering them to deliver a sociable, immersive experience on even the smallest screens.

Online bingo accounted for more than £153m of revenue generated by the UK’s gambling industry in 2016 — and this is likely to rise. But what are the major advancements fueling the online bingo community’s remarkable growth?

The Rise of Mobile Gaming: Bingo on Tap

Mobile gaming is one of the biggest factors responsible for the rise of online bingo.

Bingo companies can reach customers at any time, any place now (provided they have an internet connection, either via Wi-Fi or mobile data). In turn, players have the freedom and flexibility to access their favourite bingo games through their browser or an app 24/7.

And that creates one irresistible benefit: convenience.

Playing poker on a mobile phone

Today’s mobile devices are capable of running the same games as desktop or laptop computers without a dip in quality (depending on the strength of their connection). There’s no need to travel to a bingo hall to play. No need to boot a PC up and wait for it to load. Just grab your phone and play. Simple.

The Power of Bingo Bonuses

The bonus is a fundamental component of successful online bingo sites. Brands tempt new customers to sign up with the promise of generous extras, such as:

  • a no deposit bonus
  • free, no-risk play for a limited time
  • bonus match on first deposits
  • bonus spins for slot games (where applicable)

The no deposit bingo bonus is an excellent example of a smart incentive. Customers will receive a modest reward for creating an account at a bingo site in exchange for, say, up to £10 to spend on games.

We all want something for nothing. That’s exactly what no deposit bonuses deliver. The aim is to make the player’s introduction to the site so fun and exciting, they become a loyal member once their bonus expires, click here for more info.

There’s far less risk involved for the customer and the business knows they stand to expand their audience if they give a small freebie. Everybody wins (so to speak).

Balancing coins and a potato on a calculator

Newcomers and existing bingo fans continue to take a chance on online games when bonuses offer so much. The promise of free play or doubling their first deposit makes a powerful incentive to try something new.

Bold New Twists on Classic Bingo

The sheer competitiveness of the online bingo industry drives brands to be ever-more creative in their software. This translates to bold new twists on traditional bingo, in games which stay true to the core principles whilst adding a fresh touch.

Revolutionary games like Slingo are the result. This combines aspects of slots and bingo to great effect.

While Slingo was actually conceived in the 90s, it’s only become a trend at online bingo sites in the past few years. More and more domains include Slingo in their gaming portfolios now.

Themed bingo rooms offer players greater diversity beyond traditional options too. Fans can choose to play bingo games based on popular television series such as:

  • Coronation Street
  • Emmerdale
  • The Chase
  • The X Factor

This is incredibly important for crossover appeal: consumers may be attracted to try bingo when it’s related to a media product they already enjoy. It feels more relevant to their own interests and introduces them to a new experience with elements they recognise (characters, sound effects, theme music, etc.).

What future advancements will transform the online bingo industry even more? Will it be VR? Wearable tech? Only time will tell.

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