A Pacman Style Game But Can You Really Win An iPad 2?

I was reading various financial press releases and came across one about a new free game from Confused.com, available on their website and also via Facebook.

The press release explained that it was a Pacman style game. Straight away this evoked great memories of playing this on an arcade machine so my attention was growing. Apparently this new game follows on from the success of ‘World of Confusion’ which I confess I haven’t come across before.

It’s based on Cara, the animated character which is in all of their advertising and features key elements of the products and services they offer, includng car insurance, holiday insurance and utility price comparison.

The idea of course is that the game raises brand awareness, drives traffic to the Confused.com website and of course captures user data for marketing purposes.

In the first month the game was apparently played more than 850,000 times

I was sold on it and wanted to have a go. I was even more interested when I read that playing via Facebook, once I agreed to ‘Like’ them to enable me to play and registered my score I had the chance to win an iPad 2.

Great marketing with a great hook to win something I want, so I headed off to Facebook.

I searched and found the Confused page and selected to play ‘Cara’s Magic Pocket’. I agreed to ‘like’ the page and so was given access. The page showed a ‘Play to Win’ option which I clicked on as after all that’s what I wanted. To my disappointment though it said that ‘Our iPad 2 competition has now closed – check back again soon for more competitions and prizes!’

Is that really allowed – a clear ‘play to win’ option but currently no opportunity to win? I suspect it’s all covered in the T&C’s but I do feel let down. What do you think?

Nevertheless my curiosity still got the better of me and I couldn’t resist having a go on this Pacman style game – I didn’t have long so I only did Level 1, think I’ll be back soon though to see if I can get further. I wonder if I may really be able to win something then too?

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